Creator-based® Capacity Cont’d

Oh my goodness, it’s hotter this week than last week! These truly are summer’s “dog days.” How are you doing? I hope some of last week’s ideas helped you increase your capacity to create good things in your life.

Do you recognize that you are the hero of your life story? Sometimes it’s easy to forget and slide into a victim role with all the summer dog days, but don’t worry! I have another idea to increase your capacity for creating what you want to feel this summer.

Let me get honest with you for just a second first-

Those who know me well know that sometimes my husband can drive me nuts. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. It’s not his fault; it’s all me, and I’m getting a little better at being his companion every day. Seriously though, he chose to marry a passionate, somewhat impulsive soul.

What sparks irritation for me is that he hasn’t learned to read my mind and do what I think I want before I ask him yet. Irrational, I know- but once again, there it is.

Does that happen to you in your relationships? Especially in long-term relationships, the crazy in me expects mind-reading and instant gratification will happen and then gets irritated when it doesn’t.

When I feel judgmental in my relationships, I can use the ‘power of remembering’ we talked about last week to increase my capacity for love and cultivate an irritation-neutralizing trait. That trait may be patience, kindness, compassion, long-suffering, or something else……just a trait that will help me feel better.

Try this when you feel out of sorts with someone to increase your capacity to feel good.

Remember something extraordinary about that person. Come on, I know you’ve seen it.

Remember something you saw them do that was magnanimous, smart, or impressive- even a little bit. 

Remember their goodness. 

Remember how their strengths compensate for your weaknesses.

This will increase your capacity for positive feelings towards them and lead you to the patience, kindness, and compassion you seek in the situation. 

They benefit, yes, but you are the true beneficiary. 

You are stretching your character muscles and becoming more of whom you want to be.

You are increasing your capacity.

Don’t underestimate your capacity. 

We have no idea how powerful and unique we are. 

Anita Canfield is quoted as saying, 

“If you could see the woman you will become,

you would rise up and never be the same again.” 


Imagine that! Some of you may have experienced life long enough to have seen such glimpses.

You’re growing into something beyond your imagination. 

There are seeds of divinity sprouting even as you’re reading this. 

Take some time and check in with your Creator- 

see if you can be gifted with an inkling of the woman you will become. 

Don’t underestimate your capacity. 

You’re going somewhere, sister.


Here’s to daily increasing our capacity.

It’s the little things.

Remembering the good.

Practicing.  Just keep going.

You’ll get there.

All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
CMH Coaching for Life
Home of Creator-based Coaching® and the CBC® group experience.

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