Creator-based® Coaching has so many ways to make your life better!

As Master Life Coaches specializing in Creator-based® Coaching, we follow a Coach-Clear-Create model. All the unique Creator-based® modalities are used in coaching sessions- Educational Consults, Inner Imagery, Cognitive Coaching, Meditation with a Goal, AFT, and Clearing.  We will teach you how to identify beliefs and thought patterns, what to do with nagging worries, frustration, and disappointment, and how to create your best self. Most of all, you will flourish in compassion, mindfulness, and hope! We are exceptional listeners.

Coach n Clear Group Coaching sessions follow the same Coach, Clear, Create Model as our individual private sessions.  Bring your troubles, listen and learn, clear your emotional baggage, and walk away lighter and hopeful, ready to create a great life.  We meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays for an hour.  Subscribe for only $47 monthly and get a memberhsip to the 50/50 Girl Club with all of its perks for free!  Sign up here:

Do you have a specific focus you’d like to work on? Maybe you’d like to reduce anxiety in your life, lose weight, be a better parent or feel more confident in your work. If this is you, a Guided Mastermind will turbocharge your journey.

A Guided Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal and a common circumstance.  The group will work with 2 Creator-based Coaches.  They learn the techniques of coaching, practice supporting one another, and eventually outgrow the coaches, moving on in their own supportive self-coaching friend group.

We custom-curate these groups to allow you to be with those who will challenge and support you to grow and achieve your goals.  This is an inspired program. Mastermind subscriptions are $139 per month and include two free Coach n Clear sessions a month, along with a free membership in the 50/50 Girl Club. It’s an amazing way to create an inspired life!

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A Creator-based® Year accepts 20-25 women annually in January. In this in-depth, year long program of Creator-based® Coaching, you will find your “why.”  Calm your troubled heart, learn truth, discern your personal life mission- it’s all here in this year-long study.  Clarity and Power await.

Each month we will study by topic the 12 principles of Creator-based® Coaching with videos, working discussions, and plenty of talk time.  There are monthly Creation Meetings, supporting you in creating your best life.  Quarterly Community Events give you additional resources with which to explore and create in support with your community.

Members of a Creator-based® Year will have their own mastermind groups, access to coach n clear sessions, and of course, a free membership to The 50/50 Girl Club.

This program will change your life.  Sign up here:

My life, my love is taking care of you.  These educational programs all build to one climax- if you love Creator-based® Coaching and feel the drive to serve and build your own business, come work with me.  Each year I accept 3-6 applicants to the Creator-based® Coach Training Program. We work in small groups to teach you how to be your best, purpose-driven, Creator-based® self in your quest to coach and serve others. This is the cream of the crop.