Creator-based® Celebrations

Creator-based® Celebrations

June marks the halfway point of the year. 

It’s almost Independence Day.


Remember those New Year’s goals and resolutions?

Celebrating Summer Solstice and all the goodness of the growing season might make us too busy to consider and even celebrate the progress we are making.  

Are you ready to celebrate?  Everybody loves to celebrate- come on, let’s do it!

How do you feel in your swimsuit?  

That good, huh?

The summer ‘donning of the swimsuit’ ritual can be a great measure of progress.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  Oh, I need one that covers this lump or bumps, makes me look better than I think I look, hugs, smooths, flattens, is the right style, color, trend, etc. so 

I feel good enough to stand tall in my almost naked vulnerability.

Can a swimsuit do all that? Wow, we give it power!

What other areas of your life do you give inordinate power?

Is there a place where you don’t feel like you can celebrate because 

you’re simply “not there yet.”?

When I get _______, things will be great, I will be great, and we will celebrate life.

“Finding the courage to celebrate is not a journey but a quest.” quoting Nicole Zasowski. 

That quest involves daily baby steps, remembering your progress and innate worth.

Wanna know a secret?

You may never “arrive,” and that’s okay.

Progress is good enough.

Am I better this year than last year? Last week? Yesterday?

Recognizing progress is arriving and cause for celebration!

Here’s a little idea to help you be more aware of your progress: 

Do a fearless moral inventory of your body- mind – and spirit.

Body: Where are you stronger? Have you learned better self-care for your body, or have you overcome challenges in your body this year?  What has your body healed this year? I broke a toe, and it amazed me that my body could rebuild bone and toenail and recover so quickly! Our bodies are such a gift. Where are you proud of your progress?

Mind: Thoughts, hopes, concerns.  Have you learned something new? Practiced a new skill? Made headway on a task?  How are you doing with recognizing and rerouting your thoughts to create the experience you learn for?  I bet you make progress in this area daily.  Note it.  Celebrate it.

Spirit: What’s your relationship with Creation? Is it different than it was 6 months ago? a year ago?  Is that a celebratory event?  Are you seeking and willingly waiting? Yes, that’s progress too.

Don’t fall for the ruse of ‘not enough.’  

Our Creator neither makes junk nor failure.  

You are a living, breathing, beautiful being, and that is enough.  

Embrace this new approach of being creatively alive, healthy, and happy.  

It is life creation at its finest.  Celebrate!

All my love,


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