Is it Possible to Create Hope from FOMO?

What’s the Opposite of Hope?

We all know what FOMO is, and even though it’s no longer hip to call it that, we’re talking about it.  FOMO is a pressure-driven force that keeps us in scarcity, and we worry that we might miss something important.  It feels like fear.  That’s because it really is. FOMO is a universal and very real thing, especially when we seek to fit into society, our group of friends, and our workplace.  It’s ubiquitous in teens and young adults and breeds anxiety and pressure in young lives.

FOMO is a little different for adults raising children. We still want to be in the know, but there is an added dimension when we have parental stewardship to fulfill. Whether it’s toddlers or grandchildren, the 

Fear of Missing Opportunities can be paralyzing.  

Should my child do gymnastics or soccer? What about the value of music lessons and time with friends? There’s an after-school program in robotics…. And it continues all the way from preschool to retirement.  There’s a class I want to take; should I spend the time in the community? What about the friend I haven’t seen in a while? 

Choices, blessedly, abound.  

But sometimes, it is downright overwhelming.  

Fear of missing an opportunity can be incapacitating.

There is an important element missing in FOMO.  It’s trust.  

Trust that ‘What is for you will not pass you by.’ 

Trust that your Creator has orchestrated your life and the lives of others for good.

Trust that it all works out.  He is the Creator, after all. 

 We can’t frustrate his plans, only our own.

 There is a real element of trust there…can you trust enough to say no?

There are many, many faces of Fear of Missing Opportunities: fear of disappointing others… fear of overstepping…. fear of regret…fear of making the wrong choice…fear of ruining your own life,  fear of not living up to your potential- and that inner critic taunting you, “Too bad, you missed it.”

It’s all just plain fear of missing “it,”….. and what’s crazy is most often, 

the most important things are missed by being afraid, causing us to feel off base and distracted.

Our beautiful friend Jennifer Dereus often comforts us with the quote, 

“Fear and faith both ask me to believe in something I cannot see. 

 I choose faith.”

Anything fear-based does not come from our Creator.

What would a creator-based® belief be?

  • I trust the everything is working out for my highest good.
  • I am loved and cared for.
  • They are loved and cared for.
  • I trust.
  • I am safe.
  • I am loved.

And you are so loved.

Let’s choose a week of trust!

🙂 All my love



Who am I writing for?

I write for every overwhelmed, discouraged, faith-challenged woman out there. I know your goodness and your capacity.

Why should you care?Because you were made for so much more! Stop playing small and embrace your true potential.

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