What is Creator-based Coaching®?

Creator-based Coaching® is an entirely new
approach to being creatively alive, healthy and happy.

We believe all human beings were created. Call your Creator what
you will; God, Heavenly Father, Life, Centered Self; we are by
divine inheritance, born creators.

There are 5 Creator-based Coaching Principles:

1. You are the creator of your life experience.

2. You have within you light and truth, all the power you need to grow and

3. Each individual has gifts and talents unique to their God-given life purpose. Each brings unique light and individual quirks. We are different by design.

4. Happiness is most likely to be achieved when founded on the principles of faith, compassion, mindfulness, and hope.

5. Change is a gift.

When you come to a Creator-based® Coaching session, you will gain the best of all worlds.  You will enter into a partnership with your best self, your Creator, and the part of yourself that is ready to grow.  This combination will bring distinct and lasting change to your life.  We call it turbocharging your journey! It’s powerful.