We LOVE our clients! We love helping to release emotional baggage with The Emotion Code, and lighten the load so emotional healing can take place. We love helping clients achieve their goals and watching their dreams become reality with Aroma Freedom Technique.  And, nothing makes us happier than seeing clients put those self coaching tools to work.  But the best part of all? Our clients love us too!  Join us, and find more things to be grateful for in your life. What are others saying about Creator-based® Coaching and the work we do here at CMH Coaching for Life?

There are not many things I can point to in my life and say, “That has made all the difference”. But working with Beth is one of those things. After over a year working with her —I have a new set of eyes that I see and understand more fully. I love more. I give more. I live life so much more. The best gift has been —as I have been able to show up for my family differently, it as changed our whole family. Grateful is an understatement. Whatever your issue may be. Please don’t hesitate to call.
Jennifer, World Traveler

Beth never ceases to amaze me. She is a very busy woman and you would never know it because Beth gives you her undivided attention every time. She is enthusiastic, upbeat and positive, pure sunshine. Beth is patient and actively listens, and she is a reservoir of knowledge. Beth has helped me in so many ways, and for her I am forever grateful.
Ceci, Texas

I love Beth. She is gifted in what she does, loves people and is passionate about her work. She is intuitive, fast, thorough, and recognizes boundaries. She works with a client where they are, quickly assessing needs, and recognizing the best ways to help. She is experienced in using Bradley Nelson’s emotion and body code, AFT, setting and establishing core beliefs, herbs and oils, etc. etc. etc. She is also a wonderful friend. Yes, I love her! Others do too!
​Nancy, Texas

AFT is a healing and empowering modality that dives right down to the core. I have had multiple sessions with Beth that helped me shift my perspective, mind frame, and provide me feeling a sense of hope.
AFT sessions wouldn’t be as powerful without Beth, whose life experience and inner work embody true healing and self-love. I highly recommend.
Laura, California

I have been working with Beth for several years and I always come away feeling better after each session. She has helped me heal from both emotional and physical issues. She is very intuitive and gifted and I have been blessed and have benefited because of her gifts.
Wendy, Arizona 

“I didn’t realize how much I needed help until I started visiting with Beth. She helped me start to realize how the problems I was dealing with could be helped by retraining my thoughts. I started to notice how often my thoughts were negative! Not long after that I was able to start AFT sessions. I love how it assists you to find and establish positive truths and beliefs. I needed this so much! I’m so grateful for Beth and Call Mom Herbs! I am seeing such changes in my thoughts, attitude, positivity, and happiness. Which has helped me to feel healthier and more able to tackle life!”
Janay, Texas

Beth has been an answer to my prayers! She has given light to me in darkness and I have found a true friend. I am so grateful for her spiritual insights and I am enjoying her lovingly walking me through AFT to help me develop my strength. I could not say enough nice things about her! Give her a call and see what you think!
​Anonymous, Texas

I know Beth doesn’t use a rating system, but if she did, I’d give her ALL THE STARS! Each time I talk with Beth I feel uplifted in my spirit, confident with my actions, plus, I always learn something new. Beth has helped me boost the immunity for me and my family, release trapped emotions, and even replace negative thought ‘ruts’ with new, positive messages. She’s wonderful, give her a call!
Charlotte, Utah

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