Who is your Master Life Coach?


Beth Bitzane-Brooks is a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is a Mom of 9 amazing children and delighted Mimzi to 25 grandchildren. Coming from a long line of women in the healing arts, she is committed to helping others create a healthy soul: helping you create optimum balance in your physical, mental, spiritual and
energetic body.

In the early years of raising a family, Beth discovered complimentary medicine and fell in love with healing. She loved using the home remedies and marveled in the simple independence of caring for her family at home. Beth went on to achieve certifications in many types of botanical medicine: homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, and flower remedies along
with a solid base in nutrition education and the effects of environment on our bodies.

In 2012 Beth entered the world of Energy Medicine and began to study Life Coaching soon thereafter. She is the author of ‘Creator-based Coaching®, Create Your One, Awesome, Amazing, Perfect Life’ and the creator of the Creator-based® Coaching program at CMH Coaching for Life.

Combining all of her life knowledge under the umbrella of a Certified Master Life Coach, Beth offers her life experience in service of you and those you love. To your health!