Many of us are not great at self-care- it makes sense to us to fix the toilet that runs incessantly, repair the oil leak in the van, or wash the dishes at least once a week. However, the concept of taking time to tend to our own needs can feel selfish. I mean, so many other people need our time and help; isn’t it selfish to take time away from them?

I know you’ve heard the spiel on an airplane flight about the oxygen mask that drops from the ceiling in the event of an emergency and the instructions to breathe normally from that mask. Notable instruction is that if you are traveling with children, you are to put the mask over your face before theirs. Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive- and really selfish? After all, they’re children and need our help.

No. The reason the flight attendants insist on you breathing from that oxygen mask first is their own self-care and care for everyone around you. If you don’t get enough oxygen on that flight and keel over, who will take care of you? Who will take care of your kids? And what if someone else could have really used your help- but because of your self-denial, you are now incapacitated?

No, my friend, the self-care of putting your own oxygen mask on first is a gift you give to everyone on that plane. Taking time to rest, read a book, go fly fishing, or take yourself out to eat is a gift you give to us all. It’s the way you make your gifts available to the world. When you are whole and healthy, we are all the beneficiaries. Take all the time you need.

Your body and mind know the truth. They are survival experts and will ultimately insist on being cared for. If you ignore them, you may succumb to self-indulgence or sickness as a body override. Your body will have rest, whether it’s sleeping through your alarm or flu. You may see a survival cry in other ways. The midnight home shopping network impulse buy, the entire bag of Oreos, the gossip about a coworker to help you feel better. Slow down; you’re moving too fast. Self-care is a gift you give to your workplace, your family, and all of us.

Self-care practice: Consider joining us on the podcast, the 50/50 Girl Club, or in a personal coaching session with Beth to learn to create the life you love. We even have coaching groups, if you enjoy making new friends and working with others

Self-Care tip: Cozy AimlessnessMake a goal this week to spend an amount of time completely unstructured. I have a friend with a self-care goal of spending 20 minutes daily unstructured- doing nothing or everything, wherever her heart leads, in cozy aimlessness. You could do more or less than that, but I challenge you to set a reminder and keep track of how many days this week you enjoy cozy aimlessness.

Self-care idea- The 30-day Create your Day, Create your Life challenge. Here at CMH Coaching take care of ourselves by reading an intention as we begin each work day. I’d like to invite you to join us. For 30 days, simply read the affirmation aloud every day. Nothing else. This alone is an incredible self-care tool. You’ll see.

Will you join us? Our 50/50 Girl Club Community and our Facebook Page Creator-based® Coaching are both involved. Post and share what changes for you during the challenge! Feel the encouragement of others and add your light to serve.

Here is the affirmation:

Today I choose to be the creator of my life experience. 

I have within me light and truth, all the power needed to grow and progress.  

Given gifts and talents unique to my God-given purpose, I am different by design. 

I embrace those differences and create according to the inspiration and guidance of the Master Creator.

I can trust and walk arm-in-arm with Him.  As I listen, He will direct my path.

Walking together, He is a dependable mentor and leader; my creative ability is amplified and expanded.  

I see more clearly, understand more deeply, and am lifted to compassion and hope.

I am centered and powerful, walking with my Creator.

It’s a funny mix of humble, weak, and empowered that baffles me but feels great.

Today I will stay in His God-flow and be the creator of my life experience. 

 Together we will do great things.  

I can and I will.

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 all my love,


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