We created ‘A Creator-based® Year’ with you in mind.

Learn to create the life you yearn for.  You can and you will!

Our small-group experience is really special.  We accept only 20-25 women annually. Registration is currently open for the 2023 Year!

2 master coaches inspire and direct this work.  This is their love, their joy, to work with you!

Monthly, a principle of building your Creator-based® Year will bring you more power, peace, and productivity.

Weekly, we get deep into The Creator-based® Way. Here’s where we get the nitty-gritty. All week long, we discuss, apply the weekly principle, and support one another. Need bite-sized info and baby steps that bring great things to life?  We’ve got you covered!

Daily,  have someone to turn to.  run your question by a like-minded friend, have a place to vent, or simply come feel inspired by the hope in our community.

Your Certified Master  Life Coaches, are onboard to answer questions. There are monthly Creation Calls and quarterly Community Events online to teach new tools, practice, and ask questions.

It’s all about you and creating your one, awesome, amazing, perfect life, just the way you want it.

Let us take care of you in a small sisterhood where we keep confidence, nurture a safe space, learn and help each other create and grow.

There’s plenty of time. It’s simple to sandwich into your full life. The Group Page is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are here to take care of the whole of you,


Body: Take full advantage of all of our training to give you choices in your health.  We offer education in homeopathic remedies, herbs, nutrition, essential oils, and bodywork to give you tons of ideas for health and wellness.

Mind: gain clarity with cognitive coaching, energy work, AFT, Inner Imagery work, and group learning experiences. We will offer one class each month- (recorded, of course, as we know you have a life) so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

Spirit will support you in your connection with your Creator and the innate drive you have to create your one awesome, amazing, perfect life. We’ll help your centered self/spirit feel even more balanced and focused through mindful self-compassion training and other spiritually strengthening suggestions.

What can you expect as a result of being in this group?

Feel more powerful and at peace!      

Daily Support from your master coaches.
A safe place to ask questions and get answers.
A Judgment-free zone.
A regular infusion of hope.
Camaraderie: A small community of friends learning and practicing with you. Group sizes will be limited- if you want a place in the group, now is the time to sign up.
The knowledge that will help you with everyday challenges.
You may be more at peace and productive. Learning with us, you may see increased patience, courage, compassion, and a feeling of well-being and connection, and grow that grounded strength that we are all seeking right now.
You may increase self-confidence and further your business goals and daily productivity.
You’re just gonna feel better!

Sounds great, right?

Registration is currently open for the 2023 year, but it won’t be for long…

Register Today!

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