You can create a life you love.

Ready for peace, personal power and confidence? To stop feeling like a victim in your life?

Flip the Switch! Step out of the dreaded drama triangle and flip drama on its head.

The Creator-based® Way is a path of peace and personal power.

Using scientifically proven methods, we can show you and those you love how to become the creator of your personal life experience.  Imagine! Sleep better, reduce anxiety, have more energy, be more productive, and feel more confident.

You are a born creator!

Learn to embrace your creator power and feel free again.

Join our community to learn about embracing your creator power and learn the tools of creation.

The Creator-based® Way

You are the creator of your own life experience.  You have within you, light and truth, all the power needed to grow and progress.  You have unique gifts and talents for your life purpose.  Different is not deficient. We are different by design.  Change is a gift.  Happiness is most likely to be achieved when founded on the Creator-based® principles of faith, compassion, mindfulness and hope.

Let’s learn and create together.

Creator-based® Choices

You can choose- always. It was a rough morning.  This is what I heard as I listened to my inner dialogue I woke up tired. Complained. There was a glitch with the bills. Worried. My schedule changed unexpectedly. Felt taken for granted. More work piled up. Felt a lack...

Creator-based® Consciousness

Are You a Woman Without? You may be familiar with the Bible story told of a poor widow bringing her offering to the temple.  It was such a small amount, a mite. It was not even enough to buy her bread and cheese for a single meal.  Would it really make any difference?...

Creator-based® Rest

What I learned in our Women's Meeting Astounded Me! Last Sunday, I was in the back row of about 50 women (yes, I can be that girl in the back row), and we were playing a game of Cahoots to get to know one another.  There were questions about your favorite food,...