Hi! I’m Beth, a Certified Master Life Coach, owner of CMH Coaching for Life and creator & author of

Creator-based Coaching®; Create Your One, Awesome, Amazing, Perfect Life.

You are the creator of your life.

What will you create today?

​Creator-based Coaching® is an entirely new approach to being creatively alive, healthy and happy.

CBC® offers the unique benefit of the foundation of faith in a powerful, creation based paradigm.

You will take charge, release old hurts and embody your life’s mission. You will be empowered with the creative tools needed to help you speak your mind & heart in a way that promotes growth & relationship unity; creating the life you love .

I have worked with clients to help them create better marriages, overcome anxiety, move successfully through grief, conquered money issues & ​learned to parent with optimism and clear purpose.​

Join me.
What will you create today?

CMH Coaching can help.


Caring for ourselves is ​essential for taking good care of those we love. Through compassion, mindfulness and hope we better serve our families, our community, and the world.  Using ​Creator-based Coaching®, The Emotion Code, Aroma Freedom Technique, Self Coaching Training, and other great tools, this Certified Master Life Coach​​ can help you with ​emotional healing & ​get you moving forward again- ​ creating your one, awesome, amazing, perfect life!

Beth never ceases to amaze me. She is a very busy woman and you would never know it because Beth gives you her undivided attention every time. She is enthusiastic, upbeat and positive, pure sunshine. Beth is patient and actively listens, and she is a reservoir of knowledge. Beth has helped me in so many ways, and for her I am forever grateful.”

Ceci, Texas

​​”I know Beth doesn’t use a rating system, but if she did, I’d give her ALL THE STARS! Each time I talk with Beth I feel uplifted in my spirit, confident with my actions, plus, I always learn something new. Beth has helped me boost the immunity for me and my family, release trapped emotions, and even replace negative thought ‘ruts’ with new, positive messages. She’s wonderful, give her a call!”

Charlotte, Utah

“Beth has been an answer to my prayers! She has given light to me in darkness and I have found a true friend. I am so grateful for her spiritual insights and I am enjoying her lovingly walking me through AFT to help me develop my strength. I could not say enough nice things about her! Give her a call and see what you think!”

Anonymous, Texas

I have been working with Beth for several years and I always come away feeling better after each session. She has helped me heal from both emotional and physical issues. She is very intuitive and gifted and I have been blessed and have benefited because of her gifts.”
Wendy, Arizona

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Please understand that we do not diagnose or treat disease. You would want to consult your personal licensed health practitioner for any health concerns in that area. CMH Coaching For Life acts strictly in an educational role with all clients.