Working with the ECHOes of Christmas Past

Happy Holidays!

This month, we are reading ‘Marley’ in our weekly TreVega Book Club. Marley is the prequel for Ebenezer Scrooge’s guide through the “Echo” of his Christmases Past. Click here to join us on the 50/50 Girl Club and learn more.

Navigating the echoes of past holidays can be a profound journey, and understanding the ECHO framework — Event, Context, Homeostatic shift, and Outcomes — provides a valuable map for this exploration. Just like Ebenezer Scrooge confronted his Christmas Past with the help of Marley’s ghost, we too can delve into our own echoes and transform them.

Alex Howard, in his book “It’s Not Your Fault” defines a life ECHO like this:

E – the Event

C -the Context (the meaning we give the event)

H -The Homeostatic shift 

O – The Outcome in our future life events

The Homeostatic shift (H) is particularly interesting. When intense emotions overwhelm us during an event (E), our bodies generate a surge of chemicals. This overflow, or overwhelm, necessitates redirection to prevent an adverse impact on our well-being. The stored emotions may resurface during an ECHO, triggering a powerful re-experience of those feelings. Recognizing these echoes is the first step in addressing them.

Have you experienced Echoes of Christmas Past?

They can be mighty uncomfortable! To navigate the echoes of Holidays Past, consider these Creator-based® Coaching tools:

  1. Regular Mindfulness practice is an incredible tool for moving through strong memories and emotions, especially in the midst of an echo experience. Being present in the moment can help dissipate the intensity of past echoes.
  2. Connect with your Creator regularly. Build a relationship with Him and learn how he communicates with you. When you’re in the practice of visiting regularly, He feels more accessible to you in an activated or triggered situation.
  3. Releasing the old energies, beliefs, and emotions
  4. Guided Meditation or Hypno-Coaching. Jenn’s new Wednesday Night Hypno-Coaching class begins in 2024!
  5. Breath Practice- Be where your feet are. :). Whether it’s washing dishes, shopping for holiday gifts, or enjoying a warm shower, remember- Be where your feet are. Don’t let your brain run off with your body.
  6. A 50/50 Holiday and Expectations: Expect a balanced experience and let that 50/50 plan change your holidays for the better. 
  7. Compassion and self-love/self-care create a holiday spirit; Rehearse & Remember the good echoes from your life daily.

Hope this makes your week a little bit better.

It’s a 50/50 Life, my Friend! Let’s rejoice in the contrast.


All my love,


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