Lessons I learned that you can have for free.

This past week I had the opportunity to experience illness. You know- fever, body aches, chills & exhaustion- the works. The Big Daddy. It’s been almost ten years, but each time this happens, I have a new learning chance, and this experience was no different. These are the thoughts that came out of that experience. Consider them for free- you don’t even have to be sick yourself to learn them!

Adversity, in this case, illness, shuts down our current life pattern. When you can’t get up to follow your daily routine, you have no choice. It disables autopilot and automatic thoughts. It breaks patterns. It opens a new way of thinking and responding to our world.

Change disables automatic thoughts. They don’t have anywhere to run because their endpoint is no longer there. It breaks patterns, and if we allow it, it opens the way to growth.  

Research has shown that infants and young children often have a significant cognitive or motor skill jump immediately after a round of fever and illness. It appears that the cleansing and stimulating effect of the immune-fever response boosts the child’s development upon recovery. Could the same be true for us?

What adversity are you experiencing? Whether it’s a fever or a job loss, or a relationship challenge, it’s still there to boost your personal development. 

So, take your fever-reducing drug of choice: White Willow tree bark, Tylenol, or a bath, and try this palliative care:

  1. Remember the gift of change. Your current experience is neither permanent nor pervasive. It came to pass, not to stay. You get to choose the way you think about this situation. That is your secret superpower. I know it’s easy to have a poor me pity party but trust me, sister, you ache less when you lean in. Sink into the discomfort with curiosity instead of self-pity. Wonder about it a bit. Let those new creative thoughts percolate up to the top.
  2. Sink in. Weirdly, when you let go of your resistance to perceived pain, you sink in, pillow-like, and your experience changes. More comfortable? Maybe not physically, but that open willingness and peace change everything. When we stop trying to control life so hard, things open up in true beauty.

So my friend, what is your adversity teaching you this week?  

Let that thought be the leaven in your loaf,

and I truly hope it creates sweet bread!

To your health!

All my love,


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