Every Day Better

Our Creator-based® Theme for March is ‘Grit and Grace’. It’s balancing, trusting, and hanging in there.

The title of this photo is ‘Bloom in Desolate Places.’ 

It’s really Jaycine’s story, but I have permission to share it for her.  She says, 

“The reason this picture was taken is because we had been horseback riding through a barren, dusty wilderness of burned trees.  (Jaycine  and her husband Mark raise horses on their beautiful acreage in Oregon) She says, “We were getting close to a stream.  Everything was burnt black and empty. But all at once, there in the barrenness and forsaken forest was a tiny patch of grass with a tiny purple blossom bravely poking out.. 

It stood out so clearly as to sing against the scorched background. 

We had to stop and take a picture.”

That sweet little flower and fresh new grass looked like it didn’t belong- but it did. 

It was fulfilling the cycle we all fulfill. 

Up and down and up again.

The amazing thing for that sweet bloom, besides its ability to thrive in such abandoned adversity, is that the single flower flourished and multiplied, seeding through that desolate wasteland that was once a forest. 

The thriving forest is full and beautiful today.

That is Grit and Grace at its finest.  It’s regeneration.

Where did those hopeful seedling babies come from, resting in the earth? Maybe they expected a rainbow after the storm. 

Perhaps they too believed in the adage ‘every day better.’

That’s something we ascribe to at CMH Coaching.  Struggle is okay.  Just hang in there, and tomorrow can be a little better than today.

To make every day better doesn’t mean pushing through and working hard every day. Our hopeful forest seedlings knew the key as it lay dormant, resting in the earth.  

You see, rest is change too, and every day better includes days of rest.

So, if you are feeling a little like you’re on a gritty path today, remember the grace of rest.  Every day better.

Take time. Hope. Rest. Bloom in your desolate place.  Choose to accept life’s grace as a gift freely given.

Because it is.

Life is 50% Grace and 50% Grit and we rejoice in it all.

Balance friend.  Remember the hope of the seed and bloom. 

All my love,

🙂 Beth


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