I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. 

Women are so important to the world!

When I was a little girl, my Mom made my school lunches.  I had an Archie Comic Book lunch box- Veronica was my favorite.  All the little kids carried lunch boxes.

Then the day came that I grew up enough to have a brown paper bag for lunch instead of a lunchbox.  That was a special day.  All the big kids at school had brown paper bag lunches.  I coveted the crisply folded paper and its neatly creased and pointed corners.  I wanted that.

I remember the pride I felt carrying my “bag lunch” to school.  My Mom wrote my name on the lunch in her strong, determined (probably incredibly busy and stressed) cursive handwriting. 

I loved her handwriting and was proud of my her beautiful style.  

Mom had a perfect signature and I sought to emulate it. 

I would recognize it anywhere.

It looked just like my Grandmother’s. 

Still today, my heart smiles when I see it. 

It is much like that with our Creator.  

As we move through our days, we recognize our Creator’s signature? 

Does your heart smile as you see it?

Do you know it as well as you know your Mom’s handwriting?

Recognizing is an important part of listening.

Listening by noticing and hearing our Creator’s signature in the world.

Listening by getting quiet.

Listening by staying mindful.

Listening by embracing compassion with and from others.

Listening and creating hope.

I will never forget my mom’s handwriting; it led me to my Creator. 

His signature, listening to his voice, succors me with compassion, mindfulness, and hope.


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