Hope is a motivator to action. But what kind of hope will get someone off the couch and moving again?

I’ve come across four different types of hope so far in my life. Maybe you have experienced others. If you have, please share; I’d love to hear them!

For me, the first kind of hope is having a clear understanding of my current circumstances while believing in the possibility of good things to come. That’s my ‘go-to.’ It is founded on positive life outcomes and faith. It’s a broad brush, and it feels good fast, motivating me to move. I believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Then, there’s magical hope. (It needs to be pink and have unicorns.) I have a great imagination, and this one is the most vivid for me. It’s the belief that I’ll pass that exam even though I didn’t study, simply because I believe I will. This is also the hope that comes with being super hyped up and excited about a new group product I’m selling and the expectation of being incredibly rich with very little effort. All that group enthusiasm is contagious, even if it is a bit unfounded for me. Magical and group hope are exciting but have not ended well for me. Magical hope can also prompt you to seek and expect miracles, and that’s fabulous!

Finally, there is transcendent, chosen hope.

Chosen hope is my practice lately. Chosen hope is the patient belief that no matter what the present looks like, things are working out for my highest and greatest good. It’s more generalized than passionate goals for making quick money in sales or passing that exam.  

Chosen hope helps me manage discouragement and reminds me that, collectively, my future is bright. It is “I believe in a bright future despite the present challenge.” That’s my favorite kind of hope. It transcends the malady of the day and knows that I am the creator of my experience, empowered with light and truth and everything I need to succeed in my life purpose. That’s the hope I choose.

However, magical hope feels pretty good too. Easy money and passing without studying has its draw, too, ya know?

Actionable hope, chosen and transcending my present circumstance, speaks peace to my soul and propels me forward.

What does your hope look like?

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Let’s create something great this week!

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