Creator-based® Contrast

We’ve all seen our share of suffering in our lives.  Everything from a skinned knee on the playground to the death of someone you love.  It can be tough.  

Contrast that to the days of clear skies and sailing in the sun.  Those heart-filling, life-is-perfect days are universal, too. You will see more of them when you acknowledge them.

Life is very much a study in contrast, like the Yin-Yang symbol above.  I love that there’s a little spot of darkness in the light, a reminder of what you’ve been through.  Then there’s the little spot of light in the dark, a place to remember rescue and provide hope and light.

But have you ever wondered why the Ying-Yang symbol has survived for so long? It’s because it is truth.  Life really is a 50/50 experience.  About half is dark, and about half is light.  Blessedly, there is not 100% darkness- there is a little light there to remind us of the fleeting nature of any situation and remind is that things will soon change again.

When we suffer, we always have a choice in our response.  Consider this approach:

When I am on the dark side of my 50/50 life, I am suffering.  It may be anxiety, fear, overwhelm, grief, or financial struggles.  It truly is suffering.  The question in the suffering is, ‘what are you learning?’  What is your Creator teaching you?  If you are able to step out of the deep suffering for a moment and open to the lesson, oh! What things await in the light!

When you arrive back in the light of your 50/50 life- and I promise, you will (Suffering may endure through the night, but joy cometh in the morning.) the dark experience that drove you to find solutions and relief will then provide a way for you to share with experience and compassion.  Your dark experience gifted you the power and understanding to teach and serve others.

This is the beauty of the Yin-Yang symbol.  It’s 50/50.  We know in the dark, there will be light, and we know in the light, there is memory and power of the experience we had in the dark.

A 50/50 life is a study in contrast.  It is rich and diverse.  It is filled with joy and pain, happy and sad times.  The trick is to enjoy the ride!

To enjoy my personal ride, I practice- and I say practice because I am far from perfect on this- touching base with my Creator often.  Seeking insight and inspiration at their hand provides me with a foundation for the ever-changing scenario in which I live.  My Creator has taught me to allow, to be curious, to accept, and to trust.  Try it.  You will be taught too. 

This week- see if you can notice and trust the ever-changing 50/50 in your life.  Pay attention to that bright spot in the darkness and the poignant, dark reminder in the light.  You’ll be glad you did!

All my love,


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