Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?

In your heart of hearts, do you feel like you’re a good person? For me, that has changed through life seasons, but I have learned a way to get an accurate picture of my present circumstances.

To begin with, you are whole and valuable just as you are.  Never forget your innate value.  The fact that you are here means we need you.  Our Creator is abundant but smart.  Nothing is wasted- and that includes the energy needed to create you.  You are worth every effort ever exerted on your behalf.  You, my friend, are a treasure indeed.

Now, that has not always rung true to me in my life, so I want to share with you a way to get a more accurate picture than you may see in your present circumstance.  Maybe you’re in a great place.  In that case, read no further.  You know your worth, and you know how much we need you.  Kudos.  But, on doubtful days, this might help.  It helped me.  You’ll need paper and a pen.

Five steps for clarity, the Creator-based® Way.

Pray.  Check-in with your Creator and let them know what you’re doing.  Ask for guidance as you proceed.  Then, notice your breath and mindfully enter your present environment- are you too cold or hot? Get comfy.  Breathe again.  Shift in your seat until it feels good.  Enjoy a deep breath one more time and settle in.  Finally, repeat aloud or to yourself three times, “I am calm.  I am safe.  I choose to be here.”  3 times- I mean it! Don’t skimp here.

In this calm state, consider your past.  See with your imagination, your mind’s eye, and look at the life experience directly behind you.  What’s happened this week? Conversations you’ve had, work and life experiences, worries, self-talk in your mind and heart- what comes up?  How did it impack your thoughts about your personal goodness? Jot it down. 

What is immediately behind you?

Next, do the same thing with what you see immediately ahead of you.  Write down your worries, your compliments, your concerns, and your joys and fears immediately forthcoming.  Does it have a common theme? Could you name it with a chapter summary or a title? What would it be?

Finally, do the same thing with your life.  A quick scan of the experiences that jump out brings up what common theme?

Meld all three entries together and shine the light of love on them.  What do you learn from your Creator and your own heart? 

What thoughts come about your innate value and goodness? 

You see, friend, we are all loved in one way or another.  We are all good in some way and not so good in others.  That’s what a 50/50 life is all about.  Life is not all or nothing.  It’s an amalgamation of experiences that ultimately add up to good.  

You are good for real. 

Your Creator will assure you when you ask.

You are good!

You are valuable!

You are a brilliant contribution to this world.

Remember that.

All my love, 



Who am I writing for?

I write for every overwhelmed, discouraged, faith-challenged woman out there. I know your goodness and your capacity.

Why should you care?Because you were made for so much more! Stop playing small and embrace your true potential.

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