Embracing Your Creator Role with Grace

As we dive into this festive season, the whirlwind of holiday activities can sometimes sweep us off our feet.

Personally, I revel in the magic of Christmas and discovering the beauty in Hanukkah and other winter celebrations. The diversity, the lessons, and the shared joy in each holiday contribute to the magic of this special time of year. Yet, my absolute favorite is Christmas – a time for me to center myself and celebrate my Creator.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, there are moments when I unintentionally slip out of my creator role and find myself being influenced by the holidays rather than actively shaping how I engage with them. I feel like a victim to my to-do list. Sound familiar?

There are two key indicators the role shift: thoughts and feelings.

Alert messages manifest in thoughts laden with ‘have to,’ ‘must,’ ‘should,’ and ‘gotta’ – clear signals that I’ve relinquished my creator power to external forces. Emotional indicators like resentment, frustration, and guilt serve as a compass as well. If the feelings aren’t positive, it’s time to check my stance.

Conversely, words like ‘get to,’ ‘excited,’ ‘can’t wait,’ and ‘delight’ firmly place me in a creator stance. Recognizing this duality is part of the human experience, where we’re expected to navigate both success and failure. 

If you find yourself ensnared in the ‘should and have to’ mindset, fret not. Life is a 50/50 blend, and if you mess up, it’s okay. Where you are right now is precisely where you’re meant to be to grasp this life lesson.

Here’s a gentle guide to reclaiming your creator role during the holidays or any time:

1. Pause and reflect on the suffering you’re feeling. It’s okay. Give yourself a hug and recognize that you are not alone. We are all 50/50 Beings, and this is simply the other half. Allow yourself to feel the feels and take care of yourself in it. Then…

2. Celebrate your Recognition: Pat yourself on the back for recognizing your thoughts and role as a victim and owning it – Recognition is 90% of the battle won!

3. Express Gratitude: Thank your Creator for opening your eyes to this realization. Gratitude is a superpower!

4. Take a Mini-Minute and Extend Grace: Whether it’s a deep breath or reflecting on a time of success and abundance, take a moment for you. Be kind to yourself. Grace is a friendly, helpful force – an expression of Creator love. It’s as powerful as, if not more than, gratitude.

5. Ask an Empowering Question: What thought would make me feel really good right now? Ponder that thought, then act on the next positive impulse. Remember, it’s all about baby steps. Action brings Creation and more positive action.

Embracing your creator role with grace transforms the holiday hustle into a meaningful celebration.

Wishing you a joyous and Creator-based® Christmas!

All my love,


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