Hiya friend,

I heard that you might be in need of uplift or inspiration and that you’ve been running a little low on hope. 

 Are one too many hard things going on in your life right now? 

I have good news!

Disappointment is finite.  

It ends!  That makes me smile just writing it.

You can look past disappointment and see the good that awaits you around every corner.  

That’s hope.

Try it today.

When things are disappointing, think to yourself, 

I know that only good awaits me around every corner.  

Then, look “around the corner” to imagine the good thing that is coming.

Maybe it’s an ice cream cone.

Maybe it’s a raise.

Maybe it’s a smile from a stranger.

Maybe it’s that dream you’ve wanted for years.

Big or small, it is there, 

There is good waiting for you around the corner 

as hope.


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All my love,



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