Inspired Self-care, the Creatorbased® Way: make it easier on yourself.

One way to utilize the principle of Do less, Expect more is to partner with other trusted authorities. 

One of my trusted authorities is Gretchen Reuben. I have followed her Podcast ‘Happier’ for years and find it brings light to my life. Gretchen teaches that we can create peace and increase productivity by understanding our innate tendency in how we respond to outward demands on our time and talents.  

Understanding your tendency will help decrease your workload through self-awareness and educated decision-making.

When someone asks you to do something for them, what is your most common response to their request?  Do you get right on it? Do you need to know more before you can give an answer? Is your first response simply, “no.”?  Or maybe, even though you planned to have some much-needed quiet time just for yourself, you dismiss your self-care and go all in for their need.

Gretchen Ruben teaches about our individual tendency to respond to outward demands in one of 4 ways- we could be an upholder, questioner, obliger, or rebel.  You can learn your own tendency through her four tendencies quiz.

Basically, it works like this: 

An upholder will meet outer expectations, like a rules girl, and her own inner expectations. The rules are her friend.  

An obliger will regularly sacrifice their own inner plan to meet an outer demand. Obligers get things done at their own self-sacrifice. 

A questioner will do it for you if you can convince them that there’s a good reason for it and easily meets their own inner expectation.

A  rebel will resist both outer and inner expectations and simply do their own thing at the moment.  

Knowing how you tend to respond to outside requests can go a long way toward honoring your I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D. self-care plan. Take the quiz and see- Gretchen Reuben also includes a little report to help you understand how better to work within your natural tendency and be happier in your life.  Inspired, right?

Remember that the last letter in I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D. self-care is D, for declared.  When you make the choice for how to care for yourself, declare it to someone who will support you.  The 50/50 Girl Club is our community of women who believe that life is 50% good and 50% not so good, and embrace it all in love and learning.  We have weekly live training, a book club, and even a monthly Jumpstart your Life Workshop.  Let’s grow a good live together.

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