What does it mean to Do Less,  Expect More? I mean, who doesn’t want more for less?  The concept of Do Less, Expect More is inviting, yet it feels like a backward idea. We have long cultivated a belief that the harder we work, the more we get.  That can be true.  However, sometimes doing more is just working harder without a great result. We need educated guidance and strength.  We can wear ourselves out by doing too much without focus. Quite often, our advice comes from a partner.

When yoked with your Creator, ‘Do Less, Expect More’ can be remarkable in abundance and the help it brings to our lives.  After all, who wouldn’t love to have a champion, a mentor, and a guide?

Call your Creator what or whom you will; we are each designed for companionship with a higher power.  For some, it is science; for others, it is Jesus; others may cleave to a personal companion.  The idea is to be connected in the Creator-based Way to your Mentor or respected Higher Authority.

I know doing less seems contraindicated, but let’s discuss it this way.  When you try to move a pile of bricks by yourself, the task is daunting.  Your workload significantly diminishes when you agree with a benevolent, competent partner.  Do your goals and responsibilities change? Not much.  You’re still moving that pile of bricks. But the quality and quantity of the work accomplished are significantly increased within partnership..

In the Creator-based® Way, doing less is relaxing into the support that comes from working alongside your Creator.  It is opening your mind with the gift of presence and allowing the ease of your companionship to permeate your days.  In this faith-based way, it is easy to expect more.  Life opens up with hope and optimism; what seemed impossible is now possible and even feels likely.

It’s the Creator-based® Way and it’s amazing! Do less.  Expect more.  Read on for the nitty gritty how-to’s and applications all month long.


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