What is the Creator-based® Way?  What does it mean for you?

This past Christmas weekend, though glorious, was a roller coaster of emotions.  All weekend long, I was given the choice to act and think as a victim or a creator.  You were too.  Maybe you missed loved ones or were without the funds you wanted to buy that perfect present.  Maybe you have been sick or chronically ill, alone, single, divorced, or just plain unhappy.  If you are experiencing any of these, this is where you can really thrive!

You see, in the Creator-based® Way, you are the creator of your life and your experience in it.  You are not a victim of your circumstances – unemployment, loss, illness, or rejection. Within you is light and truth, all the power you need to grow and progress.  You have incredible capacities.

By making a deliberate choice to be the person acting instead of a person who feels they are being acted upon we are empowered and self-directed. We are each given free will, the power to choose and act on our environment to create change.  You are the creator of your life and its experiences.  

The Creator-based® Way is choosing, in companionship with your Creator, to be the architect of your life. It is bravely stepping out and building the life you love.

As a creator, you recognize that differences are not deficiencies.  We are deliberately different by design.

Wolfgang Von Goethe, the great author,  felt that “every extraordinary man (every person) has a certain mission which he is called upon to accomplish.” Goethe felt that he had received gifts from above. When the people sought to tear him down, he saw it as a foolish attempt to amend the purpose God had laid out for him.    He knew he had a life purpose. He was a powerful creator.

You have gifts, talents, and abilities specific to your role and purpose.  So do I.  Our life purpose is not random, and no one can perform our unique role for us.  Embrace this challenge. Work, learn, and make mistakes.  Be messy, beautiful, persistent, and human.  Just keep trying. Remember, change is a gift.

Following the Creator-based® Way will help you claim your right to create your own hero story, and in that process, you contribute to the world.

The Creator-based® Way is a life filled with freedom.   Fight for your dreams.  They are planted deeply by the one who created you and your road.  Build the life you have always wanted.  

I can and I will.  So can you! It’s here for us all.

If you would like to know more about the Creator-based® Way, simply keep reading the Monday posts, join us on the 50/50 girl club, or visit the website Creator-based® Coaching.  There is so much to learn, and with every new lesson,  compassion and hope will increase in your life.


I can and I will.

You can and you will, too.

All my love,


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