Creator-based® Challenge 2022

Oh my gosh! There are so many New Year advertisements out there promising weight loss, success, and a whole new you if you follow their program.  I’m kind of over it.  Are you? No? I’m so glad because I have an idea to offer that has worked well for me for many years now, and yes, it smacks of New Year’s Goals and stuff like that.  This one is kinder, and gentler and really will lead to happiness.

Your Year in Review.

One of my favorite after-Christmas activities is to get my guys out of the house for a day and settle onto the couch with an inspirational chick flick.  Being a fashion junkie, I like Confessions of a Shopaholic, Devil Wears Prada, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (that yellow dress!) or something like that.  Whatever makes you feel happy and cared for.

I settle into the couch with my new planner, favorite pens and art supplies, and last year’s planner as well.  Now, not everyone keeps a planner, I know.  If you don’t, bring whatever calendar you used or your journal, your saved pictures in your phone, or your Social Media Feed.  With the movie going on in the background, and good energy flowing, I love to go through the planner for last year and just see what really happened with those January Goals.

Like many, I tend to forget my goals by February, and midyear can be way off course, but I’m not a strict rules girl.  (Yeah, you’ve heard that before.) I believe that looking at where you’ve been and what you’ve done, and opening yourself in an inspirational spot to glean further direction from your Creator, can be exactly what one needs to move forward on the right path.  I call it The Creator-based® Way.  

It’s not about rules. It’s about direction, persistence, and optimism.

When I do my year-end review, I am always impressed.  I think if you tried it, you would be impressed as well.  Ya see, our brains are wired to focus on the negative, but you, my friend, have created many, many positive things in your life and the world this year.  Your year-end review will show you just that and open you to inspiration for what your Creator has in mind for 2023.

Try it!

Review and Write down what you feel you’d like to have happen in the coming months.

We’ll be talking more about it this week on the 50/50 Girl Page and the podcast, and will be hosting a Jumpstart 2023 Workshop here on Jan 7th.  No cost, just hope and optimism and a little more light in the world.

Do less.  Expect More.  Join us in The Creator-based® Way!

All my love, 


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