Creator-based® Commentary

Do you have a running commentary in your head? Does it sound somewhat like a sportscaster that lets “them” know exactly what your moves are, where you succeed, and gloriously emphasizes your bloopers and blunders?

Yeah, me too.  My running inner commentary generally leads me to fail.  

Sometimes that inner voice will be encouraging, but my default is definitely not positive.  

Interestingly, that’s as it should be.  Our brain naturally protects us and will keep a constant scan going for ways that we may experience hardship or danger.  That inner commentary is there to protect you.  It is, believe it or not, your friend, but it’s more like a best friend that says mean things to you.  Not one to encourage.

What if the inner commentary drags you down? Maybe it’s critical or unkind.  What then?Well, my friend, simply say to it, 

“Not helpful.”

That’s right. When your commentator is filling you with critical or judgmental thoughts, tell her, “No.  Not helpful.”

Choose a new thought that will help you feel good.

Maybe your commentary is worry.  Maybe your commentary is fear.  Maybe your commentary is regret.

Choose a new thought that makes you feel good.  Then-Combat negative commentary with your Success List.

This week, make a list of all the successes you can remember from the beginning of life to the present.  I know this will take a while, I mean, you are fantastic, after all. 

Begin with, “I learned to walk.”  You’ll most likely need a journal for this one. There are lots of successes to remember.

When your negative commentator is too loud, soothe her with your successes.  Show her the A you got in 3rd grade, the boy who thought you were cute in high school, and the great project you did at work.  

Keep that success list going. Keep it out where you can see it and jot things down for a week or two. Your commentator won’t care for it much, but the centered you- the forever you, will rejoice that you are finally listening to how amazing you really are.

Use those successes to combat the worry, fear, regret, or anxiety in your running inner commentary! 

I’d love to hear about what you write and what happens- share it with me, will you?  Find us on any of the social media outlets as well as YouTube.  We are Creator-based® Coaching or  @CMH Coaching.  Let’s share your victory together!

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