Creator-based® Self-Coaching

‘Be the Hero of your own story with Self-coaching, Creator-based® Style & the Story of Beth E.’

Beth E. was tired.  It had been a long day after an even longer week.  Fatigue is the enemy of us all, and Beth E. was no exception.  She was beaten down and not feeling her usual chipper self.  

What made everything worse was that her car wasn’t sounding quite right, and she was worried.   It made this troubling rattle and took longer than she felt it should to start. She was pretty sure it was going to die, and with her frugal budget, she’d be without transportation for good!

On the way home from work that day, Beth E. worried about the noise, listening carefully for any further sign of trouble. What was that vibration? Oh, no, now I’ll have a flat tire! Was that a new whistle I hear? Oh, gosh- what’s going to fall off next? Her neck was tight, her hands gripped the wheel, and the pit in her stomach made her nauseous.

Beth E. had worked herself into a snit.

Snits don’t look good on anyone. They kind of wrinkle your forehead (making you look much older than you really are), pinch your lips (making you look kinda mad), and completely steal your sense of humor. By the time Beth E. got home, she was ready to throw in the towel and head for bed.

Instead, she called her sister Suzie. Beth E. poured her heart out to her sister, who listened patiently. (At least as patiently as one can while making dinner with three hungry littles running around the kitchen). Beth E. dumped it all, and her sweet sister was right there.

When all was said and done, her sister asked a simple question, “So, is your car really broken?”

It stopped Beth E in her tracks. Her car drove home just fine. It went to work just fine. She hadn’t had any problem accelerating or stopping. 
Why was she in such a snit?

She smiled ruefully as she realized that in her fatigue, her thoughts had inadvertently begun an unstopped downward spiral.Fortunately for her, she had her sister to ask that simple question, “Is your car really broken?”

We are, by nature, Creators. Because of that divine heritage, we are amazing storytellers. 

We can use our storytelling gift for good or for ill. Think about the judgments you make each day and the stories you tell yourself.

Beth E. spent that drive home using some serious storytelling skills. What would have happened if her storytelling thoughts had been trending in the other direction? Upward instead of Downward?

This is part of what we call Creator-based® Self-Coaching. When we self-coach, we make a deliberate choice to monitor our thoughts and choose the ones that make us feel good. What if Beth E. had followed this line of thinking instead?

Rattle when the car was starting…. Thought: “Hmmm, I wonder what that is? I’m sure it’s nothing, but I’ll ask Joe the Mechanic to have a look if it continues.’ 
‘Wow, that’s a beautiful sky! I am so grateful for the sunshine after all the rain last week.I can’t wait to get home and catch up with my kids. I sure am glad I took care to set out dinner this morning- it’s gonna be a great evening. Maybe we’ll even eat outside and catch the sunset.”

How do you think Beth E. felt and worked with her family this time? Better, right? 
CB® Self-coaching: monitoring and creating the thoughts you want to have, benefit not only you but all the people around you. Life is better.

Consider this: 

Choose your thoughts like you choose your outfit in the morning. 

You want to feel as good in your thoughts as you do your favorite jeans. 

 Try on the thoughts that make you feel great.  Create them. Pick them out. Wear them. They make you look and feel amazing!


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