Creator-based® Capacity


It’s hot and approaching August, summer’s “dog days.” How are you feeling? Like your tank is filled up and ready for fall? Maybe a little irritated with kids or the heat?  

Do you feel like you might need to increase the capacity of your tank a little?

Creating and increasing our capacity is not hard.  

 It simply requires that we try, and of course that we do.

 One of my favorite creative processes utilizes the power of remembering. Yes, remembering is an act of creation and can increase capacity in many ways.

It goes like this- 

Remember when you did something grand before? 

Remember that day you rose above your own selfish or petty desires and were kind, articulate, brave, or assertive? 

Remember how that success felt? 

You can do that again- only better.

You know more now than you did then. 

You have more experience and more learning under your belt. 

 The power of remembering boosts your capacity through added confidenceand works in other ways. 

 When I remember something I deeply felt and knew in my heart in the past, I can feel it and rekindle it again with increased capacity. 

Remember what you knew. 

 Becky Craven recently said, 

“I you want to know anything, you have to do something.”

Do something this week-

remember the good,

stretch your character muscle, and

give yourself credit for your greatness. 

Next week, your capacity for good will be a little larger. 

You’ll be glad you did! 

All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
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