As Americans, we are well known as doers, constantly seeking, striving, and doing more.  We strive to get more, be more, and arrive at more.  We push forward to our self-appointed ultimate life culmination.

Often we are disappointed in our  culminating “dream destination of arrival.”

Do you have a dream point of arrival? A new house, kids in school, a dress size, paycheck amount, or work goal/dream?  

One of my dream points was to wear a size 8.  I was a chubby kid who grew into an overweight adult and ultimately, a Big Momma.  

I just knew that if I was a size 8, I would feel loved, cherished, successful, and happy in everything.  Everyone would love me. It was a significant dream point for me.

I also had dream points of arrival of “when my kids are successful adults,” “when the garden is bountiful,” “When I graduate,” “when I have 1000 subscribers,” when the…… yadda yadda yadda…   Yeah, we’re there too.

After spending 3 years in a size 6 body and a lot longer than that with successful, amazing adult children, I can tell you- that culminating dream point of arrival with all of its perks? Fake.   

Yes, some of the dreams were spot on, but many were fallacy, and honestly, there was no “arrival.”  

Life kept going.  

Stuff kept happening. 

The world kept spinning.  

It was all rather anticlimactic.

What’s that about?  

We worked so hard for these life-culminating events!

Do you have dream points too?  Are you striving to arrive?


Consider this:  What if there is no actual “arrival”; instead, it’s a long process?

What if seeking, striving, and doing could instead be living, breathing, and becoming?


I’ve been pondering on this one and have learned yet another backward law.  

A Creator-based® Life culminates through becoming.

In a Creator-based® process of living, breathing, and becoming, 

we arrive and pass through our dream points and have joy. 

We steal our own joy by striving, seeking, and doing too much.

Pushing, judging, and exhausting ourselves with self-made milestones obscures the actual process of becoming.  


What if this striving could instead be your personal process of becoming?

 ‘A Perfection Process’ if you will.

What if nothing has gone wrong here, and you are simply in the process?


What if you’re actually doing it just right, just as you are today?

Perfectly in the process of becoming who it is you were designed to be.


It’s a happy thought for me.  

I hope it is for you, too.


Here’s to a living, breathing, becoming, the creative process of life!


All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
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