When I was a young, newly married ‘adult’ (I was only 18), I would watch my father-in-law eat his apple – core, seeds and all – and wonder, who does that? It was just plain nasty to my citified, juvenile self.  That image has stayed with me all these years, until now, at the age of 62, I watch my husband do it. ( and I don’t much wonder who does that- in fact, it makes me smile.)

Seeing them eat the entire apple, seeds and all, has given me pause to wonder about our personal core.  

Consider the apple. The average apple tree produces about 300 apples in a growing season. That’s about 1,500 seeds per season. Those 1,500 seeds will then potentially produce 450,000 apples and another 2,250,000 seeds. Each seed can produce another apple tree, and the cycle continues. That apple core that my sweetie eats (yuck!) houses seeds that will plant innumerable apples and perpetuate the growth and nourishment of thousands upon thousands of apple eaters.

What is in your core that will feed multitudes? Do you take time to nourish and look after it with respect for the power it contains and the ‘fruit’ it can produce?

Within a human being’s spiritual and mental core lie innumerable possibilities to bring good into the world.  The question is, will they?  And what can we do to care for that core self in a Creator’s way?

The way you care for yourself will change the world.

Think about that for a minute.

The seed in the apple core has no idea it can produce nearly 3 million apples.  It just is.  It doesn’t think much of itself, I’m sure.

If the farmer had not cared for his trees or said that he didn’t have time, or worse yet, said that it was selfish to take time for care, the apple cycle would have stopped.  My Father-in-law may never have had that apple to eat.  But because someone took the time to care for the core ability of that tree to produce fruit, my husband can eat the entire apple, core, and all today. (It still makes me shake my head)

What nurtures and creates within your core?

For me, it is inspirational reading, time outdoors, creating and developing great ideas, writing them down, being with people I love, serving, and worshiping my Creator.  The time I take to nourish my core blesses all around me.  How could that possibly be selfish?

If you fill yourself up, you have so much more to give!

My beautiful, Creator-based® friend, take the time to give to the world from a place of overflowing abundance this week.  

That requires first that you unselfishly nourish your core.  


Daily time with your Creator.

Time for a deep breath or three.

Time to eat living, nourishing food.

Time with a friend, pet, or loved one.

Time in nature.

Time to think.

Time to sing.

Time to simply wonder.

They’re all free.  They’re all available wherever you are at the moment.

(Even in the car with your kids!)

Choose one this week and do it.

Thank you ahead of time for the fruit you will share with the rest of us because of the time you take to care of your personal needs.


Take time for core creation and nourishment.  

You are the seed of something amazing.

Let’s create something beautiful together!


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