We all struggle with a desire to be more than we are.  

We see the images in the media and on billboards and unconsciously compare ourselves, inevitably coming up short.  

Then we worry- am I good enough? How could I be better? 

Why is it so easy for others but not for me?

I’m here with good news.  

You are not alone.  

We all struggle.  

Seriously, even the perfect Mom down the street struggles, and the rich gal on the hill who has everything.  

We all struggle.  

It’s a concept called Common Humanity.

There are basic commonalities we all share as human beings.  

We all need food, air, sunshine, water, and love. 

(We have been referred to as complicated house plants) 

We all feel sad, angry, happy, and rejected at times.  

But somehow, that common humanity idea doesn’t stick 

when our inner insecurities surface.

That’s where a little pep talk helps.  

You can comfort and help yourself by choosing some helpful thoughts.

 One of my favorite thoughts is:

I’m not perfect, and I don’t have to be.  

(Somehow, my inner rebel loves that one!)

Perfect does not mean entirely without flaws.  

Perfect means fully developed and complete. 

It is possible to have a piece of art, architecture, or music that is perfect yet could appear flawed to an untrained observer.  

Something can be perfect and still in development.


Perfect things are fully developed, complete in this present stage and moment.


Enter my second favorite thought-

I am perfectly whole precisely as I am. 


See, perfectly whole means we are precisely where our Creator expects us to be in this stage of our growth and development.  We are learning, growing, and changing at the perfect rate and direction.


I can be 25lbs overweight, have a zit on my chin, and have just yelled at my kids and still be perfectly whole because I am on my journey and rocking it!  


You are complete as well.

 Remember that, friend.

The world is blessed to have you in all of your quirks, messiness, and glory.


Because you are perfectly you.

And that is exactly as it should be.


Be you. Nobody does it better. 

All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
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