When I was little, there was a phrase going around. 


‘Please be patient with me. God isn’t finished with me yet. 

 It didn’t make sense to me because, as a child, 

I knew everything grew and changed. That was simply life.


As the years passed into adolescence (and body image became a thing), through young adulthood (and careers became a thing) into adulthood, where my image was so important to society, somehow

I created the belief that I needed to be completely perfect now.


Enter the belief, “I am not good enough.”


Oh, goodness, that is a poisonous belief!  It is victimizing, shame-producing, and incapacitating. Not a created belief to keep.


The question is, what do we do to release and change that ubiquitous belief? 

Sister, if you asked 100 people on the street if they had felt not good enough,

99 of them would say yes. 


 It is common to us all.


That’s the first step. Remember that everyone feels this way from time to time. Some even feel this way most of the time, and that’s okay. Acknowledge it. It’s real. There is no shame here. You are not alone.


Second step: Do a fearless moral inventory. Where are you not as good as you’d like to be? Where are you good enough? Where are you really good? Where are you amazing? Reach out to your Creator, and ask for help. You will see just how good you are. Write it all down.


Third step: Decide to focus on one area that you feel less than stellar, and consider these beliefs:


I could be wrong about my thinking.

The answer is there.

It’s a minor, easy fix.

Your mind will argue with you that it’s a much bigger problem than that, and that’s okay. Be kind to her like you would any       three-year-old.  Reassure, get her a cookie, console her, and kindly help her calm down and try to accept these three new beliefs. If she doesn’t accept them, it’s okay. There are always more cookies.


Just practice these beliefs for a few weeks. You need to do nothing more. Memorize. Post. Believe. Keep practicing. Just rest in it for a while.


Because you see, your Creator is not finished with you yet. You could be wrong (and probably are) about thinking you’re not good enough. The answer is there, and it’s a small, easy fix. It’s as easy as reaching out to your Creator and believing something different.


Baby steps, Bob.

You’ve got this.


We’ll talk more about enoughness again soon.


For now, believe me.  


You are totally good enough.  


You’re simply human like all of us, and we love you.


All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
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