Spring has sprung! With the pandemic decline, things are more open, and we are beginning to resume normal operations.  Life is looking a little more “normal.”

Have you noticed that life is picking up the pace with these new opportunities?  More social engagements, more school and community activities, yard work, and outdoor stuff.  Everyone is telling me to “pick up the pace” lately! The closer we get to summertime, the busier things get.

Have you noticed the cadence of your life speeding up as well?

How’s that working for you?

We each have an optimum cadence.  It is the life pace at which we feel mildly challenged but still have time to relax and enjoy a deeply satisfying quality of life.  As an introvert, I may have a different pace than my younger extroverted friends.  As a child, my pace was completely different than it is now.  Cadence changes over time and with current circumstances.

Health challenges like illness or injury modify our cadence.  Life events like a marriage, death, or birth will also modify the pace at which we are comfortable and growing.

What is your current cadence?  Is it deeply satisfying to you?  Are you barely hanging on?

Would you like it to be faster, less intense, slower, more challenging?

What would your optimum creator-based® cadence be?

Let me give you an example-

  • One cadence might be up before dawn to exercise and enjoy the sunrise.  Work until lunch, meditate and nap for an hour or two.  Read a little, go back to work, enjoy dinner with loved ones.  Play after dinner and be asleep by 9 pm.  Rests, work spurts, challenging conversations are sprinkled through the day.
  • Another cadence might look like getting up at 1:30 in the afternoon, eating a quick breakfast, and running off to work.  Working hard and fast until late into the night, going out with friends and laughing, dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning, retiring about 5 am.
  • A more familiar cadence for me is getting up to littles at the side of the bed asking for breakfast, stumbling to the kitchen, turning on the TV, getting out the cereal, and settling in the kids so I can get a shower.  The rest of the day runs in a somewhat chaotic rhythm of diapers, books, food, crying, giggling, and playing until we get the last one in bed at 8:30 and have a blissful hour to ourselves.

What is your current cadence? Are you happy with it? What would you like to be different? What would you like to have more of?

What cadence will you create?

Ideas for an optimal creator-based® cadence:

  • Have quiet time of some kind every day.  
  • Build-in Creator-based® Comforts.  These are short blips of time when you take care of you.  Maybe it’s as simple as a deep breath, a walk, or a favorite book/show.  You are important. Take care of yourself!
  • Have contact with other human beings daily.  Give a hug.

These are simple suggestions, but it seems the simple things are the first things to go as life speeds up.  Create a Cadence you love for your life.  You are so worth it!


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