In the old movies, do you remember when stiff, proper old moms and grandmas would forever say, “Sit up straight? Don’t slouch!”? 

Have you ever felt like you were slouching? That protective move when your shoulders roll forward and collapse, narrowing your chest and leaning forward? This morning, I was told, “Stand up straight, don’t slouch. You’re better than that.”

It gave me pause for reflection. Am I better than that? 

What happens to your attitude when you slouch? Do you feel ‘less-than’? Small? Sometimes when we slouch, we can feel like we collapse inward and want to give up.  We had a season of grief last year, and for the first time in my life, I felt a weight on my shoulders that made it hard to stand up straight. It was an odd phenomenon.  Making a concerted effort, I could do it, but my sadness and sorrow were like a weight, and my shoulders’ slouch and inward curve felt like protection to my sore heart.

Do you stand up straight, or are you more comfortable in a state of collapse? 

I stand straight now, sliding my shoulder blades down my back and boldly lifting my heart wide open to the heavens. (Well, most of the time.) Ya know what happens when I do that? Light flows into my life, and it’s like my heart takes a deep breath and flies free.  

Seriously, try it. 

  • Place both feet firmly on the floor. (It’s best-done standing, but sitting can work too.)
  • Let your bottom feel like it has a tail. (You can be a dinosaur if you want to, or an alligator)
  • Let the tail anchor you down into the earth.
  • Feeling that anchor, settle into your bottom half and feel your arms hang comfortably.
  • Feel the ease of your head above your shoulders.


  • Slowly roll your shoulders back and feel your shoulder blades slide down.
  • Bravely and deliberately open your heart wide to the world.
  • Smile.

What’s that feel like? Foreign? Vulnerable? Liberating? Happy? Joy?  

Take a deep breath and enjoy that moment.

That’s all you, sister.

You’re the one that created that happy space.

It can be scary to walk through life with your heart wide open, but it’s so much better than walking around in a collapsed state of turning inward. You were born for a purpose, and much of that purpose involves sharing the light that is uniquely you.

Try this daily.  

Stand and open your heart – just for a breath, and then maybe two.

Keep practicing.

Be Bold

Be Brave!

You were created to shine light through your heart and into the entire world.

Here’s to creating light, my friend! It will change your life. It will rock your world!



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