Sometimes I get tired.  Let’s face it; I am often tired.  

It’s a condition of being human.

The question is, what will I do with that feeling of tiredness in my body?

I could lay down and rest. (Not likely- since I really want to get things done.)

I could eat something sugary and sweet. (Less likely, because nutrition is super important to me)

I could tell myself how unfair life is and just complain in my mind for a while.

Will I spin tales of woe and self-sacrifice? 

Or perhaps injustice and persecution?

(I have a vivid imagination and am quite good at this one, but it doesn’t make me feel good.)

Or will I be quiet and listen to what my body tells me?

She is my best friend, you know.

She will go to the mat to keep me going and doing.

If I choose quiet instead of storytelling

I may find a troubling thought creating that feeling of tiredness.

Maybe I don’t want to do something.

Maybe I think I am not good enough.

Maybe I am considering past hurts.

Maybe I am indulging in a bit of worry and trying to predict the future.

Not helpful. 

But I can change.

As the creator of my life, I have full power to choose the thoughts that help me feel good.

I can use that divine creation power to make my life better.

So, when I’m tired, I do my best to remain cognizant of what’s happening in my mind and choose to reroute or discard the thoughts that keep me from feeling the joy I am designed to have in my life.

Instead, I choose thoughts like these:

I am loved, supported, and inspired by so many!

I am a powerful creator.

I am important.

I am safe.

I am heard.

These are energizing thoughts.

These are thoughts with beautiful creations attached to them.

Try it. You’ll see. 

Quietly ponder these thoughts for just 3 minutes.  I know you’re busy—just 3.

Set a timer if need be, breathe deeply, let yourself be fully present in your space. 

Hear the ambient sounds in the room and feel how supported you are by your seat.

Let your mind dwell on how loved and supported you are.

See how inspiration comes to you just when you need it and from the most unexpected places.

Breathe in and bask in the knowledge that you and I are infinitely loved.

How’s your energy now? Better, right?

Me too.

Let’s carry on, friend.  You’ve got this.  You were born to create majesty and beauty in this big, beautiful world of ours, one baby step at a time.


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