The Creator-based® Climb

I am afraid of heights, so I have never personally climbed a mountain. When we have driven over them, I have been very grateful to get back down to the rolling hills and prairies of my home sweet home. I didn’t do the tall slides on the playground or hang upside down much on the monkey bars as a kid. As a homebody, climbing does not come naturally; however, I do know a few things about ascension as a life creator. 

In the context of inviting and allowing challenges and climbing opportunities in-house, there is plenty of opportunity for adventure and courage. Where would courage in the climb be practical? Maybe in one of these situations:

  • Your bestie has found another best friend- and you’re kind of out in the cold and lonesome.
  • You overheard a conversation in which you were mentioned, and it was not complimentary.
  • You bombed a presentation, allowing your fear to get the best of you.

Each of these situations could be a grand adventure in creating the climb to take you to the mountaintop views you crave. It could also be a crash. Will you be a victim and hide, or will you be a creator enjoying the climb? You get to choose.

 Before you get going on that climb, good choice, by the way, consider this. Once you’ve ascended the mountain to the top, the only place to go is down, so enjoy that hike. It’s deliberately hilly and often mountainous. But it is also blessed with long-level valleys, the refueling stations for our souls. Ascension and ‘the climb’ repeatedly begin throughout our lives, so why not consciously choose to enjoy it?

Let’s look at climbing and resolution possibilities here:

  • Your bestie has found another best friend- and you’re kind of out in the cold and lonesome.

You’re at risk when you are too tired, hungry, or lonely.  It’s essential in these situations to consciously choose loving self-kindness.  

The first step is to acknowledge you’re hurt. It’s common for us all to be hurt by those we love, part of being a human being.  

Tell yourself, “yeah, this hurts,” and treat yourself as you would someone you love dearly. Maybe a little self hug, a sandwich, or a warm bubble bath- but be good to yourself. 

 We all hurt. That’s part of being human.  You deserve to be cared for and comforted. 

  • You overheard a conversation in which you were mentioned, and it was not complimentary.

That gets your inner critic going. You know, that mean girl in your head? Wow- she can sure be hurtful! Try this response when she cranks up the volume:

“I see that you are here, but I do not have to listen to you.” Really, you don’t!

Instead, let your critic know you recognize she’s there and then choose a thought that will help you feel good. Maybe an idea that creates gratitude, a compliment, or something that brings you a feeling of security.  

I am strong.  

I am loved. 

 I am essential and make a difference in the lives of those I serve. 

I am beautiful.  

I am a creator.  

I can create the life I want. 

What you think you will create.

By now, I’m sure you know what to do about the fear in the last situation. If you have questions, email me. Suffice it to say-

Life will go up and down whether you want it to or not.

Let’s choose to enjoy the climb, friends!

It’s a constant thing. We will ascend emotional mountains, build bridges, descend rocky ridges and lush meadows and rest in the valleys. It’s all good.

The only constant (besides our Divine Creator) is change. Accept that, and embrace it, and you’ll be a much more contented climber. 

Here’s to a great week. Let’s climb together!


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