Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘context is everything’? Perhaps you have walked into a conversation in the middle and it sounded horrific, only to have a kind soul explain what was said before your arrival and suddenly everything made sense? 

Context, or perspective, makes a huge difference in the peace we feel in our lives. Perspective and focus can be like using a magnifying glass to amplify and focus on issues. Yes, you can see every intricate detail, but it can blow them all out of proportion, distorting our view with all of the details.

Focus and magnification can be friend or foe depending on where they are placed.

When life feels distorted, rebalance your focus by creating and using a personal filter of seeing as your Creator sees. I once heard it referred to as using eternal eyeglasses- aka- using a super long-range perception to get the whole picture. Look out there, way beyond the horizon. let your mind expand your range of vision, seeing beyond what your eyes can see. It is such a peaceful view.

I know, I know, we’re all about being in the present, living in the present, enjoying and savoring the present moment…but…..

This is the one time it is okay to see past this present moment and see this point of time in the perspective of a lifetime.

This moment is your point of reference, right now, yes, but could you establish a point of reference much farther out? Imagine it as distant as the North Star. What is your North Star, your never-changing truth, that you know for sure? Could that become a point of reference for you at this moment, allowing you to see the straight and true line from here to there?

I have heard it said (and I wish I could quote the author) that the more narrow my viewpoint and intention is in any one day the more I feel behind, late, and lost.  

Troubles are magnified, focus zooms in, and seeing all of that dust and minutia can be incapacitating. 

However; the more open to possibility and change I am, seeing the long view and the distant horizon, the more each moment becomes a treasure I am supposed to find.

So friend, create a connection with your North Star today.  

What do you know for sure? 

You are loved.

You are valuable.

This moment is the perfect place for you, right now.

Zoom out in your life and see ourselves in a deliciously long view.

Enjoy the expanse and the possibility, seeing the treasures and knowing your can zoom back in whenever you like.

Bask in the freedom of that expanse.

See things as they really are and life will be better. 🙂

All my love,


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