Happy Monday Beth,
Ready for some Monday Morning Inspiration?
A dear friend brought me profound food for thought on the subject of compassion this week. You see, compassion has always been a guilt provoking word for me. I just don’t feel compassionate.  
I’m more of a mover and a shaker, and often I don’t think I – gasp! -have time for compassion. The Good Samaritan story? Yeah, I shudder to think I would have passed by the other side, but girlfriend, I have things to do!
Is that you, as well?
I have good news! Compassion is so much more than simple benevolence or love.
There are actually two words in the word compassion.
Compassion = Compass + Passion
A compass guides us on our life journey. It provides purpose and direction. When we know our life purpose and are clear in our direction, we are centered within our life.
Passion is a powerful feeling- indicating love, fierceness, enthusiasm, zeal and fervor. It’s optimistic. What are you really passionate about? family, hobby or work, physical health?
Compassion = life purpose and direction combined with zeal, fervor, & optimism.
How could that create benevolence and love, you ask? Think about it my friend, when you are “in the zone” in your life and things are optimistic and focused on your true purpose, don’t you automatically reach out to serve and help from a place of love? Yeah, me too.
‘cuz it’s like that.
Compassion. It’s a beautiful thing.
You have it, and so do I.
No more guilt!
Just amazing people creating a great impact on the world.
You’ve got this.
Have a great week!


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