It’s a brand new day and I get to do anything I want with it!

It’s a brand new day and I get to do anything I want with it.

Today is a new day- right? It’s the fresh beginning of a new week.  A Gift.  But do I really get to do anything I want with it? There a a nagging objection there.  I mean, I have appointments and commitments and promises to keep.

Is what’s on my list what I want?

If you are feeling heavy in life, maybe it’s time to look again at what you want.  Your fundamental desires.  Allow me to share a few of mine; maybe it will activate thoughts on some of yours.

I want to feel loved, confident, and of value.

I want to feel in flow with my creator and those I love.

I want to contribute to my community actively.

What do you want?

This month is listening month, and I’m sure, my friend that there is a small voice inside you actively trying to let you know what they want.  Quite often hat voice communicates through anxiety, fatigue, or pain.  If she feels afraid or uncertain, the fear may manifest in anxiety and fatigue.  If she feels sad or ashamed, we may feel anger and frustrated from that inner self.  

What is your inner self communicating?

You can talk with your Creator and ask for help understanding.  Watch for hints as you go through your day.  They are there. Take some time and write down what you feel after you have asked for help and watched each day.  Soon, you will understand what that small voice inside you is actively saying.  Soon, you will have inklings of what you want.

Write it down.

Review it often.

Like a small, persistent, and hopeful plant in the spring, it will grow and come to fruition this summer as you continue to listen and explore. 

It’s a new day, and I get to do anything I want with it.

Do what you want with the life that you have.

Today I want to know my Creator and the way he communicates with me better.

Today I want to listen.

Listen.  Focus. Love. Create. 

You’ve got this, my friend!

All my love, 


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