Are you a Perfectionist?

“Perfect”,  in the tradition of the book. Creator-based® Coaching: Creating Your One Awesome, Amazing, Perfect Life, this month’s theme is Perfect, as in whole and complete, I ask, 

Are you a perfectionist?” Synonyms for perfectionist could be ‘purist, idealist, traditionalist, insistent person, precisionist, never satisfied with the average life, born to shine. ’ They can also be ‘quibbler, nitpicker, fanatic, picky, pushy, too big for her britches; she thinks she’s all that…’

I discovered an amazing book by Katherine Morgan Schafler entitled The Perfectionists Guide to Losing Control.  She mentions that being branded a perfectionist with a negative connotation seems to be uniquely feminine. Women often refer to themselves as ‘recovering perfectionists.’    Have you ever heard Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsey, or other male leaders criticized for excellence or perfection? President Obama was lauded for his detail and precision in dress and in his work.  Why does that happen to us as women?  Are we praised for pickiness and drive to excel?  Can you think of women who are celebrated perfectionists? Have you ever felt pushback for your drive, power, and assertion of your precious gift? 

You were born to shine.  Perfectionism is a powerful energy.  

Perfectionism is a gift from above. You do not have to stop being a perfectionist to be healthy; perfectionism does not have to be a struggle. What if it exists to help you?  You are not broken.  

Perfectionism is a deep inner recognition of what you can and will be as you create your life. 

There’s nothing wrong with you- you are whole and complete right now.  Remember your favorite person’s laugh.  Is it perfect? Why?

Remember a newborn baby sleeping. Is it perfect? Why? 

You are perfect. You are whole and complete right now.  

Try that thought on every day this week. If you feel really brave, look into your eyes in the mirror and tell yourself, You are perfect.  You are whole and complete right now.

Some gifts feel like a burden until you understand how they serve you.  All month long we will be talking about how to embrace and create with your inner gift of striving for perfection. 

That perfectionist part of you may believe that she is wrong or in trouble for being who she is.  We will help you work with the truth and beauty of perfection.  Perfection is a superpower- embrace it, and let’s create something great together!

Be all that you are designed to be.  No more. No less.

All my love,



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I write for every overwhelmed, discouraged, faith-challenged woman out there. I know your goodness and your capacity.

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