Grit, Grace and Guts…

This morning, I had the great fortune of an early phone call with two other women of faith. I sat in my garden just at sunrise, hearing the birds’ morning song and almost seeing the leaves opening on our apple tree. A fluorescent cardinal was among the wrens on the branches, and somewhere in the distance, a woodpecker was digging out his breakfast.

I gazed out over the 10 acres that, yes, are ours and saw the pavilion where we have had so many lovely family dinners and joyful times with children and friends.   The sun was warm on my back, the air cool on my face, and I felt truly and abundantly blessed. This is joy.

Then the thought came. Would my 20-year-old self even believe that my being here, right now, was even possible?  Would she believe I could be actively engaged in building a business, doing what I love, with people I love? That there was still time to sit quietly and write? 

If she were living in the Creator-based® Way, she might…but no, my 20-year-old self, living as a victim of her circumstance, would not!

Mired in the everyday demands of small children, saving for a house, and learning, learning, learning every day how to adult, she would never have considered that we would be where we are today, surrounded by women of wisdom and faith, watching the apple tree I always wanted in childhood begin to bear fruit, on acreage that is truly a gift.  

She couldn’t even conceive the level of peace and strength that had come from determination and good fortune, but it was there. 

We can create these beautiful things in our own lives.  It requires focus, faith and forever recalculating in the 50/50 of life.  As we stay in the role of an active creator, and choose to opt out of victimhood, we gain strength and perspective.  Graced by Grit and Guts, we will create the life we long for.  

You may not be 20 years old, but you are, at this moment, the youngest you will ever be.  As the youngest you that will ever be, 

What is there for you that you are not seeing?

What would your future self, be she 40, 50, 60, or 90, want you to know today?

If I could reach back and tell my younger self one thing (funny, but it’s the same thing my Creator still tells me regularly,) it would be, “It all works out.  Simply do what is right, slow down, and stop judging yourself.  Enjoy!”

Take time to smell the flowers. Take pictures, write about it, savor the ice cream—it’s there to love because you are infinitely loved.  Create the life you always dreamed of.

This week, tap into your future self and see what wisdom she has for you.  Listen and Do it.

All my love,



Who am I writing for?

I write for every overwhelmed, discouraged, faith-challenged woman out there. I know your goodness and your capacity.

Why should you care?Because you were made for so much more! Stop playing small and embrace your true potential.

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