How to Create Hope
Two friends are walking down the stony path.


One has had a painful experience.  

As she shares her struggle, her sympathetic and wise ally walks beside her.  

Over the course of the conversation, she feels heard.

Her emotions begin to shift from anger and poor me to acceptance.  

From acceptance grows understanding.

Finally, hope begins to dawn.  

With hope, new ideas and opportunity thoughts appear.

She, who was once despondent and isolated, is ready to reach out and create.

Such is the power of a great friend.

Our Creator is a friend like that.

When we walk together, even when we’re struggling, things begin to shift.  

Our sympathetic and wise ally invites us to be with them when we are low.  

Then, as we walk, our thoughts shift from poor me to acceptance.  

It may come ever so slowly, but it is sure.  

From acceptance, we move to understand and see a bit further off into the horizon. 

With that longer perspective, hope dawns.

Our Creator invites us:

Trust me.

Walk with me.

Love with me.

What will it look like for you to love with your Creator this week? 

One thing at a time. Take care of yourself.

Will you love yourself and be a bit kinder inwardly? 

Will hope begin to dawn and bring a new perspective?  

What good will come to the world from you 

simply choosing to open to the idea of your own power and change?

You are a powerful influence for good.

Lean into your hurt and walk with your Creator.


See if it doesn’t bring a glimmer- or maybe a full blast – of hope.

Happy Hope Month!

You’ve got this, my friend!

All my love, 


P.S. This is not another thing to add to your to-do list.

This is hope.

Come, create peace, confidence, and hope, the Creator-based® Way.

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