What’s your favorite buffet food?

Have you ever been to one of those fantastic Las Vegas all-you-can-eat buffets? Filled with prime rib, cheesecake, and sometimes caviar, you can enjoy every delicacy your heart desires for one price. It’s a beautiful thing and a bargain for those who can pack it away.

It appears that you can, for that one fantastic moment, have everything you ever wanted in a meal.

What’s even better is that you didn’t have to prepare it and indeed, you will not have to do anything to clean it up! It’s a little slice of Heaven on earth. (And I’m talking cheesecake!)

Or is it? What has been your experience with all-you-can-eat buffets? In my experience, I have looked forward to the meal with happy anticipation. I knew my tastebuds would be treated, my hedonistic tendencies tantalized, and my soul satisfied. However, I am often disappointed. Instead, I roll through the line, piling everything on without judgment of how much or what kind of food would help me feel best for the rest of the day. I mean, it’s all free! I am going to take full advantage of the bounty, and besides, isn’t this one binge okay? 

Once I finally push away from the table, I am overfull, overfed, and over, just over…ready to roll home for a long digest with a Netflix binge.

This coming year will present you with a beautiful buffet of choices, better than the finest Las Vegas buffet. You can choose from experiences that regale your senses and tantalize you. You can choose to enjoy that which truly soothes your soul. You can learn and grow or stagnate and be in a stupor.

It’s totally up to each of us. Our time is our own.

The choice is ours; regardless of our current circumstances, you can choose the path of your life.

As you progress along the buffet of life in 2024, which, of course, allows only one plate and one pass, what will you choose to put on your plate? Will your choices bring you energy, peace, purpose, and soul-filling satisfaction? Will they get you overfed, overfull, Netflix binging, bloated?

The beauty of it is that you can choose.

You can always choose.

As you begin this year’s buffet, choose wisely. There are so many feel-better-fast programs out there. They bring quick results that fade like so much cotton candy. Take your time. Ultimately, the thing that will help you feel your best is to remember that you can choose and choose well

You are the creator of your life experience. 

Brainstorm a list of the things you would like to create in your life this year. 

Choose the three that are most important to you. 

Take that short list to your Creator, search your heart, and receive direction.

I’ll be back every Monday to coach you and help you along.

Let’s get going on that amazing buffet called life!

Happy New Year, my friend! Here’s to an incredible 2024!

All my love,


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