Whatcha Thinkin?

Navigating life’s challenges can feel like a monumental task. Maybe you find yourself juggling family responsibilities, career pressures, or facing big personal trials. It can be demanding and so hard! I have a special message for you. It holds the key to becoming like that resilient bouncy ball that bounces back, no matter how hard it’s thrown.

Don’t make more of it than it is.

I understand that it might sound simplistic, but considering our innate gifts as creators, we are great storytellers and can create trauma for ourselves with our thoughts.

For instance, when the kids get sick again, it’s easy to spiral into thinking, “The world is out to get me.” When your boss or spouse is unkind, you might think, “I’m just not good enough for this.” Financial struggles can lead to thoughts like, “I’ll never win.” But my friend, these are just stories we tell ourselves. We have the creative power to spin our thoughts for the better or to simply to choose not to spin them at all.

Remember the STEER model of thinking. Identify the…

– S: The situation at the current moment.

– T: The thought we choose to hold onto about that situation.

– E: The emotion that thought generates in our body.

– E: The experience we have because of that thought and emotion.

– R: The result – what ultimately happens.

This week, consider paying attention to your thoughts. There’s no right or wrong, no judgment. Just observe. Listen to what’s happening in your mind and heart.

And then, if you’d like, try on a new thought. Think of it like trying on different outfits before choosing one for the day. Experiment with thoughts and see which one makes you feel best.

Here are a couple of thoughts you might consider:

“That’s okay, I can love you enough for both of us.”

– “I wonder what you’ve been through already today?”

Observe this week where your thoughts lead you emotionally. Ultimately, you have the power to choose the thoughts you hold onto. If that morning thought feels like an unflattering sweatshirt, find another one that makes you feel like the incredible woman you are.

Because you truly are incredible.

A gift from above. Believe it.

Build a thought on that!

All my love,


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