Our podcast this week was the story of Grit and Grace with coach and hypnotherapist Jennifer DeReus- so good!

It’s time for the Grit and Grace Wrap up!  It’s been a great month, hasn’t it? We’ve learned much about hanging in there and expecting more to come to us.  Do Less and Expect More is the mantra of a Creator-based® Life.  It means Grace in Grit.

Margaret Perlis lists five characteristics of grit as:

  1. Courage
  2. Conscientiousness: Achievement-oriented versus dependable
  3. Long-term goals and endurance: Follow through
  4. Resilience: Optimism, confidence, and creativity
  5. Excellence versus Perfection

That’s all good and fine, but grit is nothing without grace.  Grace is what lets you rinse off the mud when you fall.  It’s the encouraging smile of understanding from a stranger as you dust off and stand back up.

Grace is a vital component in our lives, and there is more than enough of it to go around.  Grace is showing favor or goodwill to others, and often the recipient of grace receives it with a feeling of it being undeserved.  (And maybe it really is!) Grace is a gift we give the world, our community, and ourselves.  It’s kind understanding, expecting the best, strength in weakness, and undeserved forgiveness.

What can you do this week to extend grace?

Try these on and see how they fit-

  • “Well, bless your heart.” (And mean it- no eye-rolling allowed)
  • “They did the best they could with what they had.”
  • “Permission to be human.”
  • “It was just a bad day.  Tomorrow will be better.”

Try it for others, but more than that, try it for yourself.  When you’re tempted to berate yourself with your inner thoughts for the wrong thing said, or not doing something as well as you would like (yeah, I’ve been stupid, too) try one of the statements above.

You, my friend are a marvelous human being.

You are strong, capable, and growing.

Graceful growing is an art for all.

Here’s to the grit and grace that makes it all possible!

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