I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D. Self-care, the Creator-based® Way

Last month we talked about ‘Inspired Goals,’ or goals that feel immediate, narrow, strong, precise, inspired, experienced, and declared.  This month we continue by talking about self-care in that same inspired way.  

Self-care, Creator-based® style, means ‘Do less and expect more.’

This is an approach in which you maintain your status as a creator- not a victim.  So often, I can feel like a victim in my self-care- I got interrupted and didn’t finish, needed more sleep and didn’t get up, got too busy and didn’t do it.  Life was too hard.

 The first step out of the victim role is to recognize that you are the creator of your life experience and that you have within you light and truth-  all the power you need to grow and progress.

From this foundation of power, you are ready to talk about a few points in creating a tailor-made self-care program for yourself.  

Your program will need enough challenge to help you grow, enough comfort to keep from wearing you out , and enough support to keep you going.

 Step One: What is something you keep trying to do for yourself but is challenging enough that it never seems to happen? 

Make a list of those things.  For me, it’s pretty long.  It sometimes includes meditation, vacation, exercise, reading, visiting with friends, pedicures, etc.;  write down all the self-care things you would like to do (include that Hawaii Trip) and have done in the past.  Permission to dream.

Narrow the list to the first three you’d like to work on. You can save the rest for another day. Don’t forget to invite your creator into this process! That is essential.

 Second: Consider the items on your list and what you might do to build some comfort measures in for yourself.  I wouldn’t say I like going to the dentist, so I’m great at putting it off.  One of the comfort measures I have built-in is a Target trip immediately after my dental visit.  It’s a way for me to look forward to my self-care.  Other comfort measures could include a friend, an affirmation, or a little fun afterward.  (Target is always a good idea.)

Third: create enough support to keep yourself going on those hard things.  Declare it to someone.  Of course, a coach is an incredible support.  I do personal sessions myself, and we also have our community at the 50/50 Girl Club, Coach & Clear Sessions and our Guided Masterminds.  You might hire a professional coach, do something online or enlist a partner or good friend to support you.  

Support is essential in keeping your self-care going.  We get off track with everything yelling at us to be done, and your coach will help you stay focused and hopeful.  As you care for yourself, your life will shift, and you’ll be able to watch for those around you in a much greater capacity.  So, for this week:

  1. Make a list of the self-care items you’ve been skipping- you know, the ones that are challenging to you: eating vegetables, meditating, exercising, going to bed on time, calling friends more often, dental visits, or whatnot.  Choose one to approach and implement in your life.
  2. What or whom will make that next self-care step easier to start and continue? Choose your comfort measure.
  3. Share with someone who will support you.  The 50/50 Girl Club is a perfect place for this- check out a free 30-day trial here: https://square.link/u/d2dQQlZY

All my love,


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