Creator-based® Commotion

Does it feel like our whole world is in commotion right now?  There are so many things changing and happening at once!  At my house, it’s family coming and going, job and relationship changes, and then there are Christmas preparations, expectations, and memories.  Commotion! Lots of it.

I find, now that I have a few decades of Christmases under my belt… (yeah, I just said that. It actually felt good.  All of those decades of experience make me feel a little more authoritative, and don’t we all need to feel more confident? Indulge me, k?) 

Now that I have a few decades of Christmases under my belt, I have many Christmas memories to recall.  The question is, what thoughts do those recollections spark?  Some are grateful, some happy, and some sad or self-indulgent pity.  I have specific thought patterns I have inadvertently created over those “decades.”  You might too.  

See if you recognize any of these thought patterns and beliefs-

  • I just love Christmas, people are so much kinder to each other at this time of the year.
  • People sure get grouchy at Christmas time! They get so busy that they don’t even care about others and just push their way through.
  • My Christmas memories leave a happy warmth in my heart.
  • My Christmas memories make me miss those I love.  It’s sad.
  • Christmas music is wonderful.
  • Christmas music is overplayed and annoying.
  • There’s too much to do at Christmas.  I never have enough time.
  • I love all the time off at Christmas and the change of pace.

As independent human beings, we get to choose our thought in every circumstance.  We don’t intentionally create negative thought patterns in our lives, but we can intentionally recreate positive ones. Our Creator has gifted us with physical and emotional resiliency.  Not only will our brain build new neural pathways for us physically, but often we can choose the emotions we want to feel by deliberately choosing the thought that will create those emotions. Then the brain builds the pathways for us as we practice those positive thoughts, and it gets easier to maintain and continue the good feelings. Our Creator thought of everything! Life is incredibly unfair in our favor!

Remember, thought work is like weightlifting.  This time of year is great practice for us.  Remember to do your reps every day, and you will be stronger in January.

  1. How do I want to feel today?
  2. What thought could help me feel that way?
  3. Check-in with your Creator.
  4. Choose your thoughts.
  5. Create your emotion.
  6. Stay in your CreatorFlow, checking in often.
  7. Experience Resistance
  8. Embracing the opportunity.
  9. Practice again.

You can do it!

All my love,


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