Life journeys, the Creator-Based® Decathalon


Life can feel like a long and arduous journey, a decathlon.  Life journeys are different for everyone.  I am still waiting to see a Hallmark Movie Life come to reality, yet many of us still have that expectation.  

We all have messy, muddy moments and a few delightful mountaintops.  That’s the journey.


We love being on the journey, but do we love watching our loved one’s journey when they appear to be screwing it all up?  (Call out the lie in your head about what they ‘should’ be doing, girlfriend!)


What is the situation as you see it? Name it.

What is the thought associated with this situation?Examine it.

What is the emotion & experience that thought generates? Challenge it!

What is a new thought that will bring you joy in their journey? Create it!


You are the creator of your life experience.  

Life does not simply happen to you.  

You are the child of a Creator.

You are gifted with all the power of your Creator.

You can choose any thought and create it.

It may feel weird and uncomfortable, but as you consider the thought to create, decide how you want to feel going forward.

What thought will help you feel that way?

What thought could you choose in this situation to feel good?


Call out the resistance and the lie as you find it. 

Create a new thought that will bring you peace on your journey.  

You can create your amazing life one thought at a time.  

Run your decathlon with joy, and help all those around you to do the same.


Keep working on those steps this week! 

Holiday stress & tension? 

What is your thought about this situation? Call out the lie.  

Create a new thought, emotion, and experience, and enjoy the result!


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