This week we have a guest writer, Beth E. If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear from you. Please, reach out and let us know. Beth E. has had some significant challenges in her life and, through those challenges, has overcome and created some real good in the world. I myself have observed her work and can sincerely recommend her knowledge and insight. Here’s to overcoming and the beauty of creating a great life. I hope Beth E. will inspire you as she has me.

All my love,


Hi, I’m Beth E. I’m glad to be with you today to share my story. I am recovering from addiction and anxiety. One of those alone can be tricky, but together, they are a powerful foe. What I’ve learned, though, is that addiction and anxiety are not really my enemy, but instead, they are my teachers.

You see, from my most formative experiences, I created 4 foundational beliefs.  For as long as I can remember, this was my outlook:

  1. The world is a scary and dangerous place.
  2. People bring terror and heartache.
  3. To be perfect provides shelter from the world and its people 90% of the time.
  4. Avoid the 10% of the time at all costs.

I am Beth E., and I am a creator.

When I was younger, I used all of my creative juices spinning supportive stories for these 4 beliefs. Then, I met Beth at CMH Coaching. She helped me to see that I was the one in charge of my thinking and my choices. I learned that I am the force for change in my own life, that I am different by design, and my differences are actually gifts. I went on to embrace the principles she teaches of compassion, mindfulness, and hope and experienced change as a gift. It has saved my life.


It’s because I learned the world, albeit constantly changing, is not scary at all. The scariness I felt was actually a need for control because I was operating on the belief that I was not enough. Now I get “scited” meaning scary and excited when trying new things, and that’s great.

Once I got to know my Creator better, I learned of my innate value and worth and began to see through a new lens.

I am a creator just like the Creator who created me!

I can choose and create my life in any circumstance.

That singular understanding changed the course of my life.

Understanding I was the creator of my life made me feel powerful.

I can choose in any given circumstance- whether it’s hard or easy, angry and hurt or joyous – what I want to think about that what’s happening.

I don’t always get to choose my feelings. That’s okay.

Sometimes they just come as a result of living my life, but I always get to choose the stories I tell myself to explain those feelings.

My favorite thing about uncomfortable feelings is that is, yes, I’m a 50/50 Girl, and this is the 50% not so good.

It’s part of life, and I am strong enough and smart enough to respond, reframe, reimagine and recreate my life with hope.

I can do that because I am the child of a Creator and will one day grow to be like Them.

As I began to practice and improve my ability to recognize thoughts and beliefs and reframe them in a healthier way, my viewpoint on the world changed, and I no longer saw it and the people in it as scary and dangerous. The real gift, though, was dismantling my need to protect myself with perfection. That was liberating! Once I learned that nobody is perfect, my life opened to a whole new realm of possibility!

I will be forever grateful to Creator-based® Coaching for helping me to come back to the powerful, centered person I have always been underneath all of those scary thoughts and beliefs. It has freed up more energy than I know what to do with- but yet, I do know. I am creating a life to help those around me. Life is good.

Thank you, Creator-based® Coaching!

beth e.

Certified Master Life Coach for
CMH Coaching for Life
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