Beautiful yucca bushes

Have you ever had a day when you felt all stickery and prickly, and nothing felt good no matter what you did? It can make for one miserably long day, right?

I had a day like that last week.  My nose was running, I was sneezing and tired, my to-do list was a mile long, and I just wanted to settle in on the couch with a mystery to read, but I couldn’t.  Nothing felt good.

I made it through the day okay, didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings too much, and managed to stay out of trouble.  But then the most remarkable thing happened…

We had YouWeek.

Yeah, I know you have all heard about YouWeek through our email campaign, and some of you joined us.  It was a pretty phenomenal event.

The magic really happened as we were all sitting together in our workshop and talking about the principles of peace.  The women in the group were sharing different challenges they faced, and others shared different solutions they had, and we laughed together and felt all the things we had in common.

We were connected.  And it was magical.

I no longer felt stickery or prickly.

I felt like I wanted to be better and like I really could be better.  All this because of connection.

Many of you have an abundance of connections, but do you have the connections that nurture you and make you smile?

Do you have connections that make it lovely to wake up in the morning?

You can and You Will.  Promise.

Today as you visit with the people you will contact, deliberately breathe love into your heart.  Let love come in, and the love will surely go out to those with whom you can connect.

That’s what happened at YouWeek.  The people there were genuinely trying to help one another, and that connected them.  Seriously, it was magical, and it wasn’t gone the next morning, either.  The afterglow lasted and lasted.

If you’re feeling prickly or stickery today, reach out with love and a smile on purpose.

You’ll be glad you did.  I know I sure was!

All my love,



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