Creator-based® Cake

This morning, while working, I got a sudden yearning for cake.  You can thank that craving for this week’s blog post.  I mean, who doesn’t like cake?  I know a few people who don’t like frosting because it’s too sweet, but it seems everyone likes cake. It’s a marvelous invention.  You can make it as sweet or savory as you want, and it’s good every time.

Have you ever baked a cake from scratch? I have, and I must say, the precision required to bake is a bit daunting.  As a broad brush girl, I do better with things I can throw together and improvise.  Nonetheless, you need to be precise if you want a cake that doesn’t collapse or behave more like pudding in the middle.

There are a few things in life that require more than a broad brush as well. 

Integrity is one of them.  You either have it precisely, or you don’t. 

When working with commitments and truth, a broad brush will get you in trouble.

Let’s explore both integrity and cake for a minute, Creator-based® style. 

A Creator always has a choice.  She is able to choose in every situation. 

Even if she inadvertently steps into the victim role, a Creator quickly self-corrects. 

A Creator-based® Life is deliciously sweet.

The cake is sweet-

Integrity brings a sweet peace to life.  There is peace in precision.

The cake is soft.

Integrity gives us a soft place to land every time. 

We always know our response because we decided it years ago.

The cake has a lovely, delicate crust…but now I’m getting hungry- hang on a sec……

The point is- that some things in life can be broad-brush, and some require precision to work right.  Cake and integrity are both matters of precision, and you have the power to create that.

What does the precision of integrity bring?

Clarity– crisp, clean lines.  You will clearly see both your purpose and your path.

Confidence– you decided years ago what your response will be, and you know how to do it.

Capability– the more you practice a thing, the more it becomes a part of you. You’re good at it.

Commitment the longer you keep a practice, the deeper and more automatic it becomes.

Calm– You can trust yourself, and that feels really good.

Contentment– I think this is the highest value for me.  Peace and Contentment in precision,

Are there areas in your life that might enjoy the calm sweetness of precise integrity?

Consider, this week, making a list of the things in which you have absolute integrity. 

For me, that list might include relationships, honesty, and personal or work commitments. 

It will not include things in the kitchen.

Permission to be human friend. 

Remember, just because one has integrity in an area does not mean that they are perfect in it.  It means it is a high-value item in life and will be prioritized accordingly.  It means don’t give up trying to be better each day.

After brainstorming your list, quietly review it and listen to your heart.
Is there something there you’d like to clarify, commit to more deeply or improve on? 

Is there something on your list that no longer serves you and could be cleared?

Introspective time can be as sweet as great cake…and your jeans will still fit next week.

Enjoy your precision project this week!

May you create beautiful things- Like cake!

All my love,


Certified Master Life Coach for
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