Heroes get muddy.  

Here is one of the muddy moments in my own Hero Story. 

Years ago, we committed to support my parents in their winding up years.  When they could no longer live independently, we drove out west, packed them all up, hauled it all to our house, and added it to the menagerie at The Farm.  At that time, I was also homeschooling the last 3 of our 9, working through 6 weddings in as many years (and new babies! Oh, how sweet), negotiating personal health challenges, and, the big one, unemployment.  It was the perfect storm, and the mud was brewing.  

When we are committed, we give our all, and nothing can dissuade us from our goal.  I felt that kind of commitment to my family.  We offer everything we have to the cause and, in total commitment, refuse to give up.  We may even work so diligently and be so focused and intense as to run ourselves into the ground, ending up sick and and lost in discouragement or frustration.  Yeah, I did.  I felt like I failed.

Is there a way to give your whole soul and still have balance in your life?

As always, in the Creator-based® way, there is.  Our Creator has provided everything, and this is no exception.  There is such a thing as whole-souled, balanced commitment.  Because of a man named Dieter F. Uchtdorf, I can share with you what whole-soul and balance can look like.  These are his ideas, and I thank him for sharing them.

Balanced, whole-souled commitment is like riding a bicycle.  

It is not dividing up our time evenly among competing interests.


Those who succeed at riding a bicycle do four things-

Don’t look at your feet.

Look ahead. 

Keep your eyes focused on your destination.

Go with the flow.

Staying balanced is all about looking forward and focusing up and ahead.  Flowing. Our road is liberating, and our learning is without a lean as we follow these four steps. We are free.  It is exhilarating! In that way, those winding-up years with my folks were balanced. They were muddy but successful.  My commitment was whole-hearted, imperfect, and perfect at the same time. That muddy flow was life at its finest.

This week as you move through your commitments, consider your whole, balanced, muddy heart. 

Don’t look at your feet.  

Look ahead.  

Keep an eye on the road in front of you. 

Focus on your destination & go with the flow.

Create your life like the hero you are!

All my love,


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