reduce anxiety and create balance with a firm framework
Great structures require strong foundations and lots of inner support. This is the beginning of our pavilion at Safe Haven Retreat. It was a hard day’s work to put in this framework with plenty of sore muscles afterward, but we’ve established the inner framework, and its strong. The night after this was built we had 95 mph winds in the area, and this baby held fast!
In this season of graduations and all of their accompanying accolades, it’s easy to focus on results. We celebrate the completion of our yearly ‘construction’ goals. We celebrate our accomplishments. We have worked hard, by golly, and we deserve it! There’s nothing wrong with that. You have worked hard. You do deserve to celebrate. 
However: Focusing on what we accomplish can be hollow. 
What do accolades and accomplishments bring you?
Feeling good enough
Parties 🙂 Always a good idea.
When called to a significant leadership position, a great leader once counseled his friend, “People are going to say wonderful things about you. They will tell you how much they admire you and all the good you are doing. Don’t listen. Don’t take it in. Don’t let it get in you. Stay humble.”
I like to think of that as ‘Be Real.’ 
Mary Ellen Edmonds referred to it as becoming. 
She said, “I have come to feel that the essence of life is not what it so often seems to be – working to have, working to get, working to possess. It’s about becoming. It’s about what is happening inside of us.”
So in your construction process of becoming, accolades and accomplishments are great, and don’t get me wrong, we need to celebrate our wins, but what will you carry out in your day-to-day work to grow and create what is inside of you?
What will you, the inner creation, come to be?
Consider things antithetical to physical construction-
  •  Quiet
  • Stillness
  • Waiting
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Gentleness
  • Gratitude
  • Service
They are powerful in our creation process and will, in the end, be an essential part of your becoming. I challenge you to choose one this week and create your life with it.
You’ll be glad you did!
All my love,


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